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Counting down the days to the tenth edition

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The tenth edition of the Chess Classic Mainz is just days away. From 6-8th August 2010, Mainz will be the centre of the rapid chess world. As we have announced earlier, the organizing Chess Tigers had to cut down the event to three days, but the Chess Classic is still the main rapid chess event in the world, with many top grandmasters in the entry list. The winner of the Open Grenke Rapid World Championship will not only be amply rewarded with €6000 prize money, but will also receive the prestigious title “Rapid Chess World Champion”.

The format of the open tournament will not be changed. Eleven hard-fought rounds will be played and the tempo will be 20 minutes + 5 seconds per move. The tournament will take place in the fully air-conditioned Rheingoldhalle of the Congress Center Mainz. During the world championship the very popular “Kids Club” will be opened again during the tournament. Chess loving parents can fully concentrate on their games, knowing that their kids are in good hands.

Levon Aronian, who won the title in a match against Anand last year, will try to defend his title in Mainz. This task will not be easy, since the Armenian star will face strong opposition this year. Top 2700+ players like Alexei Shirov, Alexander Grischuk, Sergei Movsesian, Gata Kamsky and Vugar Gashimov have already confirmed their participation! We are also happy to welcome some of the best female chess players in the world to Mainz, like Alexandra Kosteniuk, Inna Gaponenko, Almira Skripchenko and Natalia Zhukova to name just a few.

The Chess Classic will be opened on Friday, 6th August with the traditional opening press conference with three world champions: Viswanathan Anand, Alexandra Kosteniuk and Levon Aronian. At 16.00h, Anand will start his simul on 40 boards and Kosteniuk will play a Chess960 simul on 20 boards. Due to very high demand, there are no seats available anymore for the simuls, but you are kindly invited to visit the event on Friday.

More information about the Chess Classic Mainz 2010 can be found on our website Click on the Chess Classic logo. It is still possible to register online for the Open Grenke Rapid World Championship. You can save €5, if you register before 31.07.2010! Note: GM, IM, WGM and WIM are free!

Eric van Reem

Press officer CCM10

Mainz hall


Top participants (GM & WGM) so far:

Aronian Levon - Int. Grandmaster 2783

Grischuk Alexander - Int. Grandmaster 2760

Shirov Alexei - Int. Grandmaster 2749

Movsesian Sergei - Int. Grandmaster 2723

Gashimov Vugar - Int. Grandmaster 2719

Kamsky Gata - Int. Grandmaster 2713

Kasimdzhanov Rustam - Int. Grandmaster 2699

Bologan Victor - Int. Grandmaster 2695

Inarkiev Ernesto - Int. Grandmaster 2671

Bareev Evgeny - Int. Grandmaster 2663

Zvjaginsev Vadim - Int. Grandmaster 2656

Markowski Tomasz - Int. Grandmaster 2628

Kazhgaleyev Murtas - Int. Grandmaster 2619

Iturrizaga Eduardo - Int. Grandmaster 2614

Kempinski Robert - Int. Grandmaster 2612

Tregubov Pavel - Int. Grandmaster 2610

Kovalyov Anton - Int. Grandmaster 2599

Pelletier Yannick - Int. Grandmaster 2589

Hera Imre Jr. - Int. Grandmaster 2585

Ghaem Maghami Ehsan - Int. Grandmaster 2574

Moradiabadi Elshan - Int. Grandmaster 2571

Andersson Ulf - Int. Grandmaster 2567

Milov Leonid - Int. Meister 2562

Bischoff Klaus - Int. Grandmaster 2553

Berczes David - Int. Grandmaster 2551

Mahjoob Zardast Morteza - Int. Grandmaster 2546

Jaracz Pawel - Int. Grandmaster 2541

Prohaszka Peter - Int. Grandmaster 2526

Szabo Kriszian - Int. Meister 2523

Kosteniuk Alexandra – Int. Grandmaster 2519

Zhukova Natalia - Int. Grandmaster Woman 2499

Davis Nigel - Int. Grandmaster 2494

Lalic Bogdan - Int. Grandmaster 2491

Hort Vlastimil - Int. Grandmaster 2473

Gaponenko Inna - Int. Grandmaster Woman 2465

Skripchenko Almira - Int. Grandmaster Woman 2458

Siebrecht Sebastian - Int. Grandmaster 2417

Foisor Cristina - Int. Grandmaster Woman 2381

Foisor Sabina - Int. Grandmaster Woman 2317

Berend Elvira - Int. Grandmaster Woman 2307

Kochetkova Julia - Int. Grandmaster Woman 2302

Jaracz Barbara - Int. Grandmaster Woman 2280

Pourkashiyan Atousa - Int. Grandmaster Woman 2269

Paridar Shadi - Int. Grandmaster Woman 2264

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