Festival Paulista de Xadrez 2010

Two round robin tournaments starting on 9th August in Santos, Brazil

Following the 3rd Magistral Ciudad de Asunción Copa Roggio and Magistral Bicentenario Independencia de Colombia, the tournament circuit on the South American continent continues with Festival Paulista de Xadrez 2010, which is set to take place in Santos, Brazil.

The 7th Torneio Internacional Regina Helena is launching first on 9th August. It is a 10-player round robin event which provides opportunity for IM norms.

Participants: IM Jorge Rosito Argentina 2422, IM Dragan Stamenkovic Serbia 2382, IM Martin Crosa Uruguay 2382, FM Evandro Amorim Barbosa Brasil 2382, FM Manuel Larrea Uruguay 2323, FM Vinicius Tine Brasil 2315, FM Alvaro Aranha Brasil 2299, FM Carlos Alberto Sega Brasil 2253, Leandro Campelo Brasil 2220 and Dirk Dagobert van Riemsdijk Brasil 2144.

The Festival continues with the 9th Torneio Internacional Mario Covas Jr. which is starting on 13th August. It is also a 10-player round robin with the field of average rating of 2523 elo.

Participants: GM Rafael Leitão Brasil 2629, GM Gilberto Milos Brasil 2606, GM Alexandr Fier Brasil 2570, GM Axel Bachmann Paraguay 2552, GM Sandro Mareco Argentina 2527, GM Andres Rodriguez Uruguay 2508, GM Felipe El Debs Brasil 2499, IM Diego Di Berardino Brasil 2492, IM Jose Cubas Paraguai 2463 and IM Luis Coelho Brasil 2381.

Rafael Leitao

GM Rafael Leitão

Dragan Stamenkovic sq

IM Dragan Stamenkovic

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