Heart of Finland 2010

Written by WGM Anna Rudolf

The Heart of Finland tournament is the biggest annual chess event in Finland. The competition is organised by the chess club Jyväs-Shakki and is going to be held in Jyväskylä, from 5th to 11th July 2010. This year’s event is promising to be even more special than the previous editions — the tournament will be celebrating it’s 20th birthday!

As for myself, I can only recommend the Heart of Finland Open. The tournament is well organised, Finnish people — including the organisers, of course — are nice and welcoming, while Jyväskylä, along with the country itself, is a must-see.

The competition, throughout its history, has been visited by grandmasters like Jaan Ehlvest, Tomi Nybäck, Normunds Miezis, Vadim Malakhatko, Kaido Külaots. Last year’s tournament was convincingly won by GM Vitaly Kunin, who was followed by GM Maxim Novik and the Dutch talent, Robin Swinkels.

HOF Playing hall

The playing hall

GM Maxim Novik shared his impressions of last year’s tournament with us:

- We enjoyed the tournament very much. Especially my wife, it was her first visit to Jyväskylä. The city is really beautiful and ecological. Such atmosphere delights me and my family. I recommended the Open to my friends, and also my wife’s sister will join us, too, for the 2010 edition — to visit this splendid city and relax.

The young Dutch player, Joram Op Den Kelder enjoyed his stay in Jyväskylä, too, and told us the following:

- Although my fellow countrymen thought the weather was a bit chilly, I personally felt it was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, even at night. A word of advice: because there’s no real darkness at night, it may be a good idea to take a sleeping mask with you. Jyväskylä is a green city with a nicely compact town centre. The many lakes are ideal for relaxing and sunbathing. It was really nice to explore the town and talk with locals to get a better feeling for the local way of life.

On behalf of the organising team, Tommi Franssila summarised the 19th Heart of Finland Open:

- As a comment from the organisers’ point of view, the tournament was successful. The playing hall was big enough, all operative equipments worked fine and the players were satisfied with the conditions. We got more players than last year with more countries participating. These made the tournament atmosphere very nice and special. In Finland we do not have any other such international chess events as the Heart of Finland. This year is going to be the 20th Heart of Finland — we hope to organise something unique on this special occasion.

Preliminary list of players (2010):

1. GM Nybäck Tomi FIN 2633

2. GM Turov Maxim RUS 2624

3. GM Malaniuk Vladimir UKR 2574

4. GM Kaneep Meelis EST 2526

5. IM Brandenburg Daan NED 2503

6. GM Solozhenkin Evgenyi RUS 2501

7. GM Bryzgalin Kirill RUS 2496

8. GM Gavrilov Alexei RUS 2494

9. GM Novik Maxim RUS 2475

10. GM Åkeson Ralf SWE 2448

11. IM Kiik Kalle EST 2444

12. IM Karttunen Mika FIN 2431

13. GM Legky Nikolay UKR 2428

14. IM Seeman Tarvo EST 2425

15. IM Lauk Ular EST 2410

16. GM Batyrov Sabar TKM 2409

17. WGM Turova Irina RUS 2386

18. IM Gorbatov Alexey RUS 2378

19. GM Yrjölä Jouni FIN 2368

20. GM Rantanen Yrjö FIN 2364

21. GM Vul Arkadiy RUS 2300

22. WGM Rudolf Anna HUN 2293

23. IM Arkhangelskiy Boris RUS 2261

Heart of Finland in pictures:

HoF preview 1

GM Vitaly Kunin receives the first prize from Mr. Olavi Niemi

HoF preview 2

The main organiser with Dutch players

HoF preview 3

GM Robin Swinkels and IM Oleg Gladyszev discussing their game

In your free time…

HoF preview 4

Enjoy a dip in Jyväskylä’s beautiful lakes

HoF preview 5

Play “4-hand blitz” with friendly Finnish people

HoF preview 6

Try yourself out in Finland’s favourite table ice-hockey

HoF preview 7

or perform in a karaoke bar!

Visit Jyväskylä….

HoF preview 8

…and create friendships for a lifetime!

More information on the website of the tournament

WGM Anna Rudolf

Heart of Finland chess 2009

organized by Jyväs-Shakki chess club

anna rudolf

Chessclub Jyväs-Shakki organizes the 19th Heart of Finland Open chess tournament in Jyväskylä, Finland, 7-12 July 2009. The tournament will be played in 9 rounds according to Swiss system and will be a FIDE rated event.

84 players from different nationalities will participate in the competition. Top seeded is GM Vitaly Kunin (LAT), followed by IM Swinkels (NED), GM Solozhenkin (RUS), IM Neiksans (LAT), IM Dambacher (NED), and GM Batyrov (TKM). Top women player will be WGM Anna Rudolf (HUN).

WGM Anna Rudolf shared with Chessdom, “This will be my first time to play in Finland. I’m looking forward to visiting as I studied Finnish language at my university in Pecs, which is actually a partner of the venue Jyväskylä University.”

Official site:

Winners of Heart of Finland

2008 GM Kaido Külaots EST

2007 GM Nordmunds Miezis LAT

2006 IM Mikael Agopov FIN

2005 GM Mihail Rytshagov EST

2004 IM Tarmo Seeman EST

2003 IM Tomi Nybäck FIN

2002 IM Maxim Novik RUS

2001 GM Mihail Rytshagov EST

2000 GM Viktor Gavrikov LIT

1999 GM Viktor Gavrikov LIT

1998 GM Evgeniy Solozhenkin RUS

1997 GM Jaan Ehlvest EST

1996 GM Igors Rausis LAT

1995 IM Viktor Kuporosov RUS

1994 GM Rainer Knaak GER

1993 GM Aleksander Shneider UKR

1992 GM Gennadi Kuzmin UKR

1991 IM Evgeny Dragomaretsky RUS


GM Kunin Vitaly GER 2532

IM Swinkels Robin NED 2516

GM Solozhenkin Engeniy RUS 2496

IM Neiksans Arturs LAT 2478

IM Dambacher Martin NED 2475

GM Novik Maksim RUS 2470

GM Batyrov Sebar TKM 2421

IM Mikkelsen Nikolaj DEN 2394

GM Rantanen Yrjö FIN 2376

IM Nyysti Sampsa FIN 2375

FM Lehtivaara Petri FIN 2369

Michielsen Joost NED 2359

FM Larsen Karsten DEN 2337

IM Norri Joose FIN 2330

WGM Rudolf Anna HUN 2313

FM Luukkonen Tommi FIN 2306

Op den Kelder Joram NED 2293

FM Nevanlinna Risto FIN 2292

Franssila Tommi FIN 2266

WGM Koskela Niina FIN 2236

Adler Bo SWE 2221

Kivipelto Kaj FIN 2220

Kivimäki Jaakko FIN 2215

Kosmo Santul FIN 2214

Alho Sauli FIN 2181

Äijälä Jouko FIN 2176

Valner Uku EST 2176

Total: 84 players

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