Himalayan Grandmasters International Chess Tournament

September 8-14th in Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu: The Himalayan Chess Club are organising the first Himalayan Grand Masters International Chess Tournament here from September 8-14.

The tournament will see at least five Grand Masters (GM) and 10 International Masters (IM) competing with the Nepali players. In all 40 players from India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and hosts Nepal will compete in the tournament to be played under Swiss League Format for nine rounds.

Indian GMs Dibyendu Barua and Sriram Jha and Bangladeshi GMs Inamul Hossain and Niaz Murshid have already confirmed their participation in the event. The IMs from India – Saptarshi Roy Chaudhary, Attanu Lahiri, Somak Talit are also featuring in the tournament along with FM Akshyat Khamapariya. Roy was the winner of the recently held first Lalitpur Cup Open International Rating Chess Tournament.

Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury

Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury

From Nepal, 20 players will be on the fray including Fide Master Manish Hamal, Nepal Champion Badri Lal Nepali, Bimal Lal Shrestha, Prachanda Man Malakar, Keshav Shrestha and Uttamraj Thapa. The latter five players are also set to compete in the 39th Chess Olympiad slated for September in Russia.

According to the organisers, players with more than 2,200 rating points from Singapore and Thailand are also taking part in the tournament which is claimed to be Nepal’s biggest ever cash prize chess event. The winner will bag Rs 75,000 while the runner up will receive Rs 52,500 and the third place finisher will bag a purse of Rs 37,500. The fourth and the fifth place finishers will take home Rs 22,500 and 15,000 respectively. Likewise, the sixth and seventh finishers will take in Rs 11,250 each, while eight to 10th closers get Rs 7,500 each.

The top performer from Nepal will pocket Rs 7,500, while second and third will bag Rs 3,750 each. The invited GMs will be provided with Rs 22,500 as match money, while the IMs will be given Rs 7,500 each.

News courtesy of The Himalayan Times

Preliminary list of participants:

1 GM Timoshenko Georgy UKR 2562

2 GM Mohr Georg SLO 2511

3 GM Iuldachev Saidali UZB 2496

4 GM Dzhumaev Marat UZB 2487

5 GM Sriram Jha IND 2455

6 IM Himanshu Sharma IND 2401

7 IM Venkatesh M R IND 2400

8 IM Praveen Kumar C IND 2380

9 IM Saptarshi Roy IND 2374

10 FM Minhazuddin Ahmed BAN 2368

11 FM Abu Sufian Shakil BAN 2361

12 FM Sauravh Khherdekar IND 2345

13 IM Lahiri Atanu IND 2341

14 IM Thomas Ian ENG 2334

15 FM Hasan Mehdi BAN 2322

16 FM Akshat Khamparia IND 2319

17 FM Mohammad Javed BAN 2290

18 Chatterjee Debaraj BAN 2288

19 WGM Maisuradze Nino FRA 2273

20 FM Rahman Syed Mahfuzur BAN 2255

21 Roy Prantik IND 2163

22 Luca Ionel ROU 2153

23 Anuruddha G C SRI 2144

24 WFM Mihevc-Mohr Narcisa SLO 2142

25 Nepali Badrilal NEP 2135

26 Shrestha Keshav NEP 2122

27 Shrestha Bilam Lal NEP 2096

28 Rajbahak Anil NEP 2075

29 Duwal Ganesh Man NEP 2065

30 Shrestha Janardan NEP 2062

31 FM Hamal Manish NEP 2057

32 Karmacharya Punya Man NEP 2030

33 Thapa Uttam Raj NEP 2029

34 Tandukar Naveen NEP 1992

35 Napit Balaram NEP 1976

36 Malakar Prachand Man NEP 1959

37 Maharjan Prem Krishna NEP 1956

38 Byanjankar Ratna NEP 1953

39 Shrestha Shyam Sundar NEP 1921

40 Lama Dharam Bahadur NEP 1919

41 Prajapati Niranjan NEP 1918

42 Biswajit Bharadwaj IND 1898

43 Shrestha Vijay J NEP 1878

44 Rajthala Dhirab NEP 1841

45 Chaulagain Harichandra NEP 1823

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