Italian Team Chess Championship

14 clubs playing on 29th April to 2nd May in Arvier, Aosta Valley

Alexei Shirov square 1

The Italian Team Chess Championship is taking place from 29th April to 2nd May in Arvier, Aosta Valley. 14 teams will compete in seven rounds Swiss tournament. The schedule is very tight, with three 2-game days and last game on 2nd May in the morning.

A number of strong Grandmaster will be featured on the top boards. GM Alexei Shirov is leading Scavolini Pesaro, the team which has three members of Rombaldoni family playing, in addition to other talented players like IM Sabino Brunello.

Paco Vallejo, Bartlomiej Maceja and Mihail Marin will play in the team of Chieti.

Robert Huebner, Zoltan Gyimesi and Michele Godena are as usual in the team of Marostica.

GM Leon Hoyos will lead the team of Perugia.

The top Italian GM Fabiano Caruana will lead the team of Padova (team champion in 2009), in which also GM Kiril Georgiev will play.

The teams:

Ancona – A.S.A. Ancona

Bologna – Accademia Scacchistica Le Due Torri

Chieti (GM Vallejo Pons Francisco 2708, GM Macieja Bartlomiej 2625, GM Marin Mihail 2607, GM Garcia Palermo Carlos Horacio 2440, GM Vocaturo Daniele 2489, IM D’amore Carlo 2484, IM Mogranzini Roberto 2415, IM Fierro Baquero Martha Lorena, FM Corvi Marco 2275)

Genova – CARIGE Genova

Latina – Latina (GM Radulski Julian 2592)

Marostica – Vimar Scacchi Marostica (GM Hubner Robert 2603, GM Gyimesi Zoltan 2586, GM Godena Michele 2539, GM Ortega Lexy 2479, GM Stangl Markus 2455, IM Borgo Giulio 2442, IM Manca Federico 2366, IM Rossi Carlo 2330, FM Schacher Gerd 2328, FM Micheli Carlo 2293)

Montebelluna – Montebelluna

Padova – Obiettivo Risarcimento Padova (GM Caruana Fabiano 2675, GM Georgiev Kiril 2672, IM Bellini Fabio 2493, IM Collutiis Duilio 2429, IM Arlandi Ennio 2424, FM Valsecchi Alessio 2343)

Palermo – Il Massimo Banca Nuova

Palermo – La Zisa Palermo

Perugia – Augusta Perusia (GM Leon Hoyos Manuel 2516, GM Mariotti Sergio 2337)

Pesaro – Scavolini Pesaro (GM Shirov Alexei 2737, IM Rombaldoni Denis 2482, IM Brunello Sabino 2476, IM Rombaldoni Axel 2439, IM Braga Fernando 2432, IM Delorme Axel 2429)

Trieste – Triestina A (GM Lenic Luka 2595, IM Skoberne Jure 2509)

Vigevano – CSKB Torveca Caffè Vigevano

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