Russian Superfinal Championship

11th to 22nd December at the Central Chess Club in Moscow

The 63rd Russian Superfinal Championship is taking place from 11th to 22nd December at the Central Chess Club in Moscow. 12 players compete in the round robin tournament, with the defending champion Alexander Grischuk attending as top seeded player.

Russia’s number one, former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik, is skipping the event giving the preference to the 2010 London Chess Classic. Reigning European Champion Ian Nepomniachtchi is participating. Official website.


Alexander Grischuk 2771

Sergey Karjakin 2760

Dmitry Jakovenko 2726

Peter Svidler 2722

Ian Nepomniachtchi 2720

Vladimir Malakhov 2712

Nikita Vitiugov 2709

Evgeny Tomashevsky 2699

Igor Kurnosov 2676

Vadim Zvjaginsev 2676

Denis Khismatullin 2659

Vladimir Potkin 2646

Alexander Grischuk sq 3

Alexander Grischuk

Ian Nepomniachtchi 4

Ian Nepomniachtchi

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