14th Hogeschool Zeeland Chess Tournament

7-14th August in Vlissingen, GM Krishnan Sasikiran top seeded

The 14th Hogeschool Zeeland Chess Tournament is set to take place on 7-14th August in Vlissingen, Netehrlands. The tournament is organised by the Stichting Schaak Walcheren, and consists of 9 rounds, Swiss system. The rate of play is 40 moves in 2 hours, followed by 30 minutes for the completion of the game. A bye is only possible in the 2nd and 3rd round.

According to the official website, the maximum number of 250 players has already been reached and new applications are possible only in the case of withdrawals. Indian Grandmaster Krishnan Sasikiran is leading the field as top seeded, followed by GM Sergey Fedorchuk and GM Erwin L’ami, both rated above 2600 elo.

Sasikiran square

Grandmaster Krishnan Sasikiran

Top rated participants:

GM Krishnan Sasikiran India 2679

GM Sergey Fedorchuk Ukraine 2665

GM Erwin L’ami Netherlands 2620

GM Viktor Erdos Hungary 2592

GM Erik Van den Doel Netherlands 2591

GM Friso Nijboer Netherlands 2582

GM Vyacheslav Ikonnikov Russia 2578

GM Stewart Haslinger England 2552

GM Michael Hoffmann Germany 2517

IM Daan Brandenburg Netherlands 2514

IM Thomas Henrichs Germany 2490

IM Ilja Zaragatski Germany 2472

IM Roeland Pruijssers Netherlands 2462

IM Jop Delemarre Netherlands 2458

IM Manuel Bosboom Netherlands 2455

IM Twan Burg Netherlands 2449

IM Bernd Kohlweyer Germany 2436

IM Laurent Guidarelli France 2433

IM Ali Bitalzadeh Netherlands 2415

IM Koen Leenhouts Netherlands 2407

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