4th Battle of the Grandmasters

Philippines National Chess Championship on 16-23rd July in Intramuros, Manila

The Philippines National Chess Championship – 4th Battle of the Grandmasters is starting today at the historic National Press Club (NPC) in Intramuros, Manila, and continues until 23rd July. 14 players compete in the Men’s Division and 12 in the Women’s Division. Both tournament will be conducted as round-robins.

GM Wesley So is top seeded player and winner of the previous three editions of the Battle of the Grandmasters. GM John Paul Gomez, who finished second to So last year, considers the youngster to be the main favourite once again – “My chance of winning is good against anybody not named Wesley,” he said for Cebu Daily News.

Former two-time Asian Junior champion GM Rogelio Barcenilla Jr. makes his much-anticipated comeback in the local chess scene. Barcenilla is resident in the USA, where he also completed requirements for the Grandmaster title in 2009.

GM Rogelio “Joey” Antonio Jr., 12-time national champion and second seed in the tournament, also insisted that “So is definitely the favorite to rule this tournament.”

AAI r7 Delighted So

Wesley So

4th Battle of the Grandmasters:

GM So Wesley 2658

GM Antonio Rogelio Jr 2565

GM Paragua Mark 2545

GM Sanchez Joseph 2534

GM Gomez John Paul 2529

GM Laylo Darwin 2528

GM Salvador Roland 2527

GM Barcenilla Rogelio 2518

IM Barbosa Oliver 2514

IM Bitoon Richard 2491

GM Torre Eugenio 2491

IM Nolte Rolando 2433

IM Garcia Jan Emmanuel 2404

IM Ranola Yves 2377

4th Battle of the Grandmasters (Women’s division):

WIM Perena Catherine 2104

Fronda Jan Jodilyn 2076

WIM Mendoza Beverly 2054

Docena Jedara 2049

WFM Jose Rulp Ylem 2024

WFM Mejia Cherry Ann 1949

Frayna Janelle Mae 1875

Palomo Jenny Rose 1875

Acedo Rowelyn Joy 0

Mendoza Shania Mae 0

Revita Samantha Glo 0

San Diego Marie Antoinette 0

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