4th Calgary International Chess Classic

10-player round robin organized by the Calgary Chess Club


From May 19th through May 23rd, the Calgary Chess Club will be hosting the Calgary International Chess Classic. Now in it’s 4th year, the Calgary International provides a unique opportunity for Alberta’s strongest players to meet high caliber competition from around the world and compete for prize money and perhaps an IM norm.

In 2009 and 2010, Calgary’s Eric Hansen performed very well and earned IM norms in both events. He will be returning this year to compete. Eric is a long-time student of Chessdom’s commentator IM Miodrag Perunovic.

Calgary International Reserve Championship

The Calgary International Reserves will take place along side of the Calgary International from May 21st through May 23rd. This 6 round swiss event will be both CFC and FIDE rated. Players in the Reserve section will have the opportunity to play in the same room as players from the International section and experience an international chess event. Space will be limited to the first 32 who enter. Enter early to guarantee your spot!

The Festival

The Calgary International Chess Classic will have a number of side events. There will be 5 Active Chess fundraiser events taking place from early March through mid May. This year we will also be organizing the Calgary International Blitz Championship. A lecture and simul will also be held. Click on the “Events” link for information on the various events that comprise the Calgary International Chess Classic.

GM Jesse Kraai – USA

FIDE: 2516 CFC: 2527

Jesse is no stranger to Alberta, having played in all five of the Edmonton International tournaments. Jesse currently lives in Richmond, California. Jesse earned his final GM norm in 2007 at Foxwoods Open. In 2007, Jesse also won the New Mexico Chess Championship, the 5th consecutive year he won that title. He is very active player in the US and has participated in at least 5 US Championships. Jesse won clear 1st in Reno, Nevada in 2010 at the Far West Open, ahead of a strong field, including GM Alex Yermolinsky. Jesse also contributes to

IM Enrico Sevillano

FIDE: 2510

Enrico Sevillano won the Asian junior crown in 1986 and took part in the 1992 Manila Olympiad before immigrating to the U.S. He was the first Filipino ever to qualify for the U.S. Championship and has the best track record among Filipino players in America. He’s won a number of California championships and tournaments. He also won the 2008 US Championship (Game/60). Enrico has collected some impressive GM scalps over the years with wins over Bareev, Shabalov and Kaidanov. This will be Enrico’s first Canadian tournament and he is certainly a contender for the top prize.

IM Jacek Stopa – Poland

FIDE: 2460

Jacek comes from Wroclaw, Poland and earned his IM title at the age of 18 and he is also a very successful chess instructor. He’s been having a good year so far and finished clear first at the 3rd Metropolitan FIDE Invitational in California this past February. Jacek currently lives in the US and this will be his first tournament in Canada. He is a welcome edition to the Calgary International.

IM Edward Porper – Canada

FIDE: 2446 CFC: 2533

Edward is a strong IM with a GM norm under his belt. He has played in the last 2 Calgary Internationals and has finished in the prize money each year. Arguably his best performance since moving to Canada from Israel was his tie for first in Edmonton at the Canadian Open in 2009. His style is solid and he is tough to beat. He seldom loses to lower rated players. Edward will certainly be one of the favourites at this years Calgary International.

Eric Hansen

IM Eric Hansen

IM Eric Hansen – Canada

FIDE: 2425 CFC: 2572

Calgary’s Eric Hansen will be playing this year at the Calgary International. Eric played in both 2009 and 2010, picking up an IM norm in each of those events. As a matter of fact, Eric picked up his final IM norm on his 18th birthday! The Calgary International has been good to Eric. Hansen joins the hunt for FIDE points and cold hard cash. Eric has been taking a break from tournament chess lately, but is currently playing in the Calgary Closed Chess Championship at the Calgary Chess Club. Eric has traveled far and wide, competing in chess tournaments in Vietnam and Russia, just to name a few locations.

FM Michael Langer – USA

FIDE: 2267 CFC 2296

Michael is a very active player from Austin, Texas, who earned his first IM norm in 2007 at the Frank K. Berry US Championship. He would have earned his 2nd IM norm in 2009 at the Canadian Open but FIDE changed the rules just prior to this event. Michael is a very strong FM and created a sensation by defeating GM Yermolinsky in 2009 at the Stillwater Open in just 16 moves. FM Langer has excellent chances for earning another IM norm this year in Calgary.

Richard Wang – Canada

FIDE: 2219 CFC: 2329

Richard needs no introduction to Alberta chess fans. His mature play has earned the respect of players across the country. While Alberta was aware of Richard’s talent, the rest of the country opened their eyes to him when he placed 3rd at the World Youth Chess Championship in 2009. In last year’s Calgary International, Richard finished with 4/9, defeating Canadian chess legend, IM Lawrence Day, on the way. He may have been the youngest player in the field, but his level of play was beyond his years. GM Torre spent many hours with the young player and was impressed with his tactical eye and positional sense. Another student of IM Miodrag Perunovic.

FM Dale Haessel – Canada

FIDE: 2184 CFC: 2233

Dale is one of Alberta’s most active players. Dale has won the Alberta Open Championship on two occasions as well as the Alberta Closed Championship on more than one occasion and has won as recent as 2010. Even more recent, Dale competed in the 2011 Berkely International where he scored a respectable 4.5/9 against a strong field. He is capable of beating just about anyone if he is on his game. Dale received the FM title in 2008 although he qualified to receive the title in the early 1990′s.

Knut Neven – Canada

FIDE: 2155 CFC: 2246

Knut is well known in Alberta chess circles and across the country as a former editor of En Passant magazine. Knut has also done volumes of work for ChessBase, putting together Cd’s for the German company. Knut started his Canadian chess career in Saskatchewan, then moved to Ottawa where he worked as Technical Director for the Chess Federation of Canada. Knut’s love for chess has never left him and he now resides in Calgary where he develops corporate websites.

Daniel Kazmaier – Canada

FIDE: 2137 CFC: 2256

Daniel has represented Alberta at the national level on many occasions in the past. In 2002, he won the Alberta Youth Chess Championship Under 14 section, and repeated in 2006 in the Under 18 section. He won the Alberta Junior Championship on 3 occasions and tied for first in the 2007 Alberta Open. Daniel played in the Calgary International in 2009 and put in a very respectable 4.5/9. Daniel is currently attending the University of Calgary but still finds time for chess there as he helps run the University of Calgary Chess Club.

Average FIDE rating: 2332

FIDE Category V

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