46th Capablanca Memorial

9th to 21st May at the Riviera Hotel in Havana, Cuba

The 46th Capablanca Memorial is set to take place from 9th to 21st May at the Riviera Hotel in Havana, Cuba. A number of different tournaments will take place – Elite Group, Premier Group, Open Group I, Open Group II and Open Group Children.

In addition, there will be FIDE Arbiters Seminar, Conference about Jose Raul Capablanca, Exhibition of artwork, books and objects related to chess, and screening of chess-related movies.

The main competition is the Elite Group, traditionally a six-player double round robin. Four-time winner Vassily Ivanchuk (UKR 2776) is back in attempt to add another Cuban trophy to his collection. Top local players, Leinier Dominguez (2726, three times winner of Capablanca Memorial) and Lazaro Bruzon (2693, with one Capablanca trophy), will also compete. Czech champion David Navara (2701), whom Cuban sources dub as “a very aggressive player”, will certainly contribute with exciting games.

Jermuk Ivanchuk

Vassily Ivanchuk

The organizers continue the fine tradition of inviting the talented young Grandmasters to play the Elite Group. This time they brought on Le Quang Liem (VIE 2687), twice winner of the super open Aeroflot, and the reigning World Junior Champion Dmitry Andreikin (RUS 2687).

The Elite Group will be of 19th FIDE category, with the average elo of 2712. The Premier Group will be a ten-player round robin with an average elo of 2561, which is marking the 13th FIDE category.

The Premier Group is featuring members of the Cuban national team, led by the country’s champion Yuniesky Quesada. IM Espinosa Ermes is the sixth Cuban in this event, being granted with the invitation after an exceptional performance at the national championship.

Among the guests coming from abroad, only the Italian GM Daniele Vocaturo, recent winner of Tata Steel Group C, is making his first visit to Cuba.
GM Emilio Cordova of Peru, GM Manuel Leon Hoyos of Mexico and GM Mark Bluvshtein of Canada have already been on the island on various occasions.

Livigno Emilio Cordova

GM Emilio Cordova

Premier Group players: GM Yuniesky Quesada CUB 2626, GM Mark Bluvshtein CAN 2589, GM Fidel Corrales CUB 2586 GM Isan Ortiz CUB 2569, GM Omar Almeida CUB 2555, GM Manuel Leon Hoyos MEX 2562, GM Cordova Emilio PER 2561, GM Holden Hernandez CUB 2558, GM Daniele Vocaturo ITA 2540 and IM Espinosa Ermes CUB 2467.

Open Group I currently has 108 players from 15 countries registered. Among them are 18 Grandmasters and 39 International Masters. Top rated players are GM Jesus Nogueiras Santiago CUB 2565, GM Alvarez Pedraza Aramis CUB 2538, IM Bacallao Yusnel Alonso CUB 2530, GM Thomas Luther GER 2525, IM Camilo Gómez Garrido CUB 2516, GM Yuri Gonzalez Vidal CUB 2504, GM Josep Oms ESP 2501, GM Reynaldo Vera CUB 2500 etc

Open Group II has 100 players from six countries and 22 reserves.

Capablanca Memorial

Vasilly Ivanchuk is back in Habana to defend his two consecutive wins at the Capablanca Chess Tournament

The 42nd Capablanca Memorial will be held on 18th-28th May in Habana, Cuba. The tournament saw its official opening this Thursday at the Neptuno-Triton Hotel complex. Vasilly Ivanchuk of Ukraine, rated 2729 FIDE, is back in Habana to defend his two consecutive wins at the Capablanca Chess Tournament.

He will be joined by another last year’s participant, GM Kamil Miton (2653) from Poland, and first-time comers Peter Heine Nielsen (DEN 2649) and Vugar Gashimov (AZE 2644).

Ivanchuk Corus

GM Vassily Ivanchuk

As usual, hosting country will be represented by strong lineup, this time composed of the members of Cuban Olympic team: Leinier Domínguez (2678), Lázaro Bruzón (2620), Walter Arencibia (2555), Jesús Nogueiras (2552), Neuris Delgado (2547) and Yuniesky Quesada (2541).

Lenier Dominguez

GM Leinier Domínguez

At the same time, 80 players are taking participation in the 9-round swiss open tournament.

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