Doeberl Cup 2011

21st-25th April at the Hellenic Club in Canberra, Australia

The 2011 Doeberl Cup will be held at the Hellenic Club, Canberra, on 21st-25th April. The prize fund of $17,850 will be distributed in three tournaments – Premier, Major and Minor. $4,000 is reserved for the winner of the Premier section, which will feature titled and players rated over 1900 FIDE (1800 ACF). Registration is now possible on the official website.

The Doeberl Cup is held in Canberra over Easter each year attracting a field of over 200 players. There are five separate tournaments each year. The Premier tournament runs for 9 FIDE rated rounds and has had titled players from Australia, Russia, India, Ukraine, Israel, Spain, Hungary, Serbia, Ecuador and the Philippines.

The 7-round FIDE rated Major tournament is for players with an ACF rating between 1400 and 2000. Equally the 7-round Minor covers players up to a rating of 1600. There is also have a 7-round 50+ tournament and a 6-round (60+10) tournament running for two days for under 1200 rated players.

The Doeberl Cup is the longest running weekend chess event in Australia. Since 1963 it has been held every year in Canberra, Australia. Grandmaster Ian Rogers holds the record for the most number of wins (either outright or on tie-break) with 12. Li Chao B of China won the 2010 Doeberl Cup.

OlympusRoom AUS

Playing venue at the Hellenic Club of Canberra

The Sydney International Open begins in Sydney Australia following a rest day after the Doeberl Cup. There are two 9 round tournaments across the 5 day period, the Open which allows all players to enter or the Sydney International Challengers which is designed for players rated under 2000.

Entries in the Premier Tournament:

Arutinian David GM 2578 Georgia

Deviatkin Andrey GM 2573 Russia

Bojkov Dejan GM 2544 Bulgaria

Smerdon David GM 2531 Australia

Xie George IM 2478 Australia

Johansen Darryl GM 2419 Australia

Teichmann Erik FM 2388 England

Lane Gary IM 2373 Australia

Ly Moulthun 2321 Australia

Illingworth Max FM 2311 Australia

Sandler Leonid IM 2303 Australia

Ikeda Junta FM 2262 Australia

Caoili Arianne WIM 2260 Australia

Brown Andrew IM 2175 Australia

Dowden Tony 2120 New Zealand

Hacche David 2119 Australia

Zulfic Fedja 2024 Australia

Vattaparambil Joy Antony 2012 India

O’Reilly Steven 1998 Australia

Muller Jonas 1992 Australia

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