Chess Tournament of Forni di Sopra on 12-18th June

Forni di Sopra, where you can find high quality for a low price

The First International Chess Tournament of Forni di Sopra will take place from June 12th to 18th in Forni di Sopra, part of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park and one of the jewels of the Italian Alps.

The Ovens Valley is surrounded by the Alps on the north and on the south by the Carnian of the Dolomites Mountains of Friuli, which last year was declared World Heritage location. Described by alpine J. Kugy as “an exciting world of wonderful castles, towers and more … incredibly scenery”. As an important and popular tourist resort, Forni di Sopra offers a pure environment with many opportunities to practice different sports.

Forni di Sopra is also part of Authentic villages: the houses still retain the typical architecture carnica, evoking the atmosphere of a storybook. Evidence of past history are also present, findings have allowed the participation of UNESCO.

Nature, history, culture and traditional tastes are the strengths of this splendid location, in the casket that contained the Dolomites, just waiting to be discovered in order to offer its treasures …

Forni di Sopra

The International Chess Tournament of Forni di Sopra is a result of close collaboration that ties for years the Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi with the Circolo Scacchistico Udinese, and the idea that acts as a flywheel for this event is all summed up in the slogan: “Forni di Sopra, where you can find high quality for a low price.”

Indeed the quality is based on our experience as players and organizers, our commitment, and the fact that for the success of the tournament we count on the collaboration with, which represents an important certification on the Italian chess scene.

We decided to organize a tournament in a beautiful place with high quality but also with an accessible price to all – Full board, in all the hotels affiliated with the tournament, for only 45 €! We know that nowadays it is very important to combine quality with price, and we would like to thank all the sponsors.

The playing hall is the Palasport of Forni di Sopra. The complex includes swimming pool / gym with large and bright conference rooms no more than 5 minutes walking distance from the center.

Forni di Sopra 3

The A section is available to players with an elo above 2000, 9 rounds Swiss system , time control 90′x 40 moves + 30′ + 30”

The B section is open to players with an elo above 1600 ELO (and lower than 2000 ELO), 8 rounds Swiss system, time control 90′x 40 moves + 30′ + 30 “

The C section is open to players with an elo under 1600, 8 rounds Swiss system, time control 90′x 40 moves + 30′ + 30 “

The total prize money amounts to 10,000 Euro

The arbiters of the tournament will be: AI Antonio Sanchirico, AI Manlio Simonetti, ACN Philip Capizzi

Registration fees are as follows:

• Ordinary Registration: € 50,

• over 60, women, U16 and for players with ELO higher than 2300: € 30,

• free to GM and IM

Tournament Schedule

Sunday, 12.06.2011

12.00 – Registration Deadline

Open A – B – C

16.00 – Round 1 Open A – B – C

Monday, 13.06.2011

16.00 – Round 2 Open A – B – C

Tuesday, 14.06.2011

9.00 – 3rd Round Open A – B – C

16.00 – Round 4 Open A – B – C

Wednesday, 15.06.2011

9:30 am Simultaneous exhibition offered by Dental project APOLLONIA

16.00 – 5th round Open A – B – C

Thursday, 16.06.2011

09.00 – 6th round Open A

16.00 – 7th and 6th round Open A- B – C

Friday, 17.06.2011

9:30 am – Tournament rapid “Vigna Meridiana” & “Pasticceria Myriam”

16.00 – 8th round and 7th round Open A Open B Open C

Saturday, 18.06.2011

9.00 – 9th round and 8th round Open A Open B Open C

At 15:00 Palasport Forni di Sopra – Awards Ceremony

The tournament will be covered on and and the top 30 boards will be broadcasted live.
Ten Grandmasters and 15 International Masters will be invited, as well as top Italian players.

Currently confirmed titled players are Grandmasters Julio Granda Zuniga, Oleg Korneev, Manuel Leon Hoyos, Carlos Matamoros, International masters Giulio Borgo, Duilio Collutis, Danil Dyvrnyy, Pierluigi Piscopo, Martha Fierro, Federico Manca, Fabio Bruno.

Forni di Sopra 2


A simultaneous exhibition offered by Square APOLLONIA DENTAL PLAN with the participation of five Grandmasters is set for Wednesday, June 15th.

Rapid tournament offered by Rapid Vigna Meridiana and Pastry Myriam is scheduled for Friday, June 17th.

The Stage

In the mornings Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi will offer free lessons to all young players as preparation for the Italian Under-16 Championships in July 2011. To participate is easy enough, just register for the tournament and sign up for the classes that are held by teachers of the Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi in Perugia.

In addition to these purely chess events, we can also organize football, tennis and ping-pong games, food and wine tastings, walks and excursions to the beautiful trails of Forni.

The traditional festival of spring herbs and chessboards

Two different and contemporary events that we will see in Forni di Sopra combine the tasting of the products based on local wild herbs … and chessboards in all areas were you can analyze games.

News by IM Martha Fierro

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