North American Youth Chess Championship 2011

The U.S. Chess Trust Co-Sponsors FIDE International Youth Event

Very rarely in the United States we host World Chess Federation (FIDE) events. With the recording breaking attendance of the 2011 North American Youth Chess Championship, it is evident that young chess players across our nation are hungry for international competition.

Previously hosted in Boca Raton, Florida (USA) in 2004, it is with great pleasure and honor that I organize this event yet again, bringing it to the United States for the second time around. We have staff that speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and French, the main languages of the Americas.

This event is taking place on 25-29th June and is open to players from the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico and the United States. The top boy and the top girl in each section will qualify to play in the 2012 Pan American Youth Championship. The top player in each section will receive the FIDE Candidate Master Title, which will be officially approved at the FIDE Congress in October 2011.

This tournament is being sanctioned by the World Chess Federation (FIDE), FIDE Americas and the U.S. Chess Federation.

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Record Breaking Attendance

At this point we have 264 players registered (a record breaking number!) and we are expecting 10-20 more to sign up this week. We welcome these young talented players to this year’s event!

We have an impressive list of participants which includes official and extra players from each participating country. These talented young chess players are among the top rated in their nations. This is definitely a challenging FIDE event eagerly anticipated by many who are serious about their game.

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Get Serious About Your Game – this phrase adequately conveys how these young players feel about chess and the strength of this competition. This event is a rallying of truly talented young minds ready for serious play to kick off, not only their summer, but, their introduction to international competition.

About the North American Youth Chess Championship

FIDE Americas created this event to provide geographical diversity and allow players to participate in international youth events in their regions. The 2011 North American Youth has representation from the Bahamas, Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Sponsored by Chess Educators and the U.S. Chess Trust

It is with great gratitude that we acknowledge the contribution of the U.S. Chess Trust, an independent 501(c)(3), non-profit organization created in 1967 to promote, stimulate and encourage the study and play of the game of chess as a means of intellectual development. Visit them online at

See you in Tarrytown!

Beatriz Marinello

Tournament Organizer

A trip to Tarrytown offers visitors the perfect complement of history, dining, shopping and nature – not to mention entertainment.

From the majestic Hudson River views, including the TappanZee Bridge, to it’s Historic Districts showcasing 19th and 20th century architecture to its many unique shops and fine restaurants and hotels, Tarrytown offers something for everyone.

Surrounded by places to eat, you will find a traditional New York Diner right across the street from the tournament venue and just a short distance away some of the best Greek food around!

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