Open Chess Tournament Mediterranean 2017

12th to 19th November in Rijeka, Croatia

Rijeka 2011

The 5th “Mediterranean 2017″ open chess tournament is set to take place from 12th to 19th November in Rijeka, Croatia, under management by the local Chess Club “Rijeka”.

The President of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Ivo Josipovic, is the patron of this chess manifestation, while the City of Rijeka, City of Opatija, Mountain-litoral county, Tourist board of Kvarner, Tourist board of the City of Rijeka and Tourist board of the City of Opatija as co-sponsors have provided 12.000 EUR in prizes.

Rijeka is located on the North-west of the Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea. The tournament is organised for the occasion of candidacy of the city of Rijeka for organisation of the Mediterranean games in 2017, under the motto “Chess with the scent of the sea”.

The main goal is to promote companionship and cooperation of chess players and chess federations of the Mediterranean countries. The tournament venue will be the space of Chess club “Rijeka”, Blaža Polića 2/2, which surface of 650 sqm serves exclusively for chess playing.

The chess organizers from Rijeka are very active, having already hosted the Mediterranean Flower women tournaments, the 7th Mediterranean Men and Women Chess Championships in 2009, and the 11th European Individual Men and Women’s Chess Championship.

Main prizes:

1st prize – 1600 EUR

2nd prize -1300 EUR

3rd prize – 900 EUR

4th prize – 700 EUR

5th prize – 600 EUR

6th prize – 500 EUR

7th prize – 400 EUR

8th prize – 300 EUR

9th prize – 200 EUR

10th prize – 100 EUR

Special prizes:

Best players ELO 2401 – 2500: 300, 200, 100 EUR

Best players ELO 2201 – 2400: 300, 200, 100 EUR

Best players ELO 2001 – 2200: 300, 200, 100 EUR

Best players ELO 1801 – 2000: 300, 200, 100 EUR

Best players below ELO – 1800: 300, 200, 100 EUR

Best players of Mountain-litoral county: 300, 200, 100 EUR

Best female chess players: 300, 200, 100 EUR

Best international master: 300 EUR

Best FIDE master: 300 EUR

Best senior aged over 60: 300 EUR

Best player aged up to 18: 300 EUR

The registrations for the tournament are to be sent to the following address:

Srđan Zelenika (deputy festival director), Cell phone: +385 91 52 82 175

Vladimir Šakotić, IA, Cell phone: +381.64.111.3117

Ornela Rušin, Cell phone: +385.98.571.079 (every day after 16:30)

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