SPICE Spring Invitational 2011

March 12 – 16, on the campus of Texas Tech University

The 2011 SPICE Spring Invitational will take place from March 12 – 16, 2011 on the beautiful campus of Texas Tech University. The following players have confirmed their participations:

GM Kuljasevic Davorin 2528 (Croatia)

GM Diamant Andre 2513 (Brazil)

GM Bykhovsky Anatoly 2513 (Israel)

IM Naroditsky Daniel 2438 (USA)

FM Yang Darwin 2416 (USA)

IM Kleiman Jake 2413 (USA)

IM Esserman Marc 2412 (USA)

IM Sipos Istvan 2410 (HUN)

SM Aleskerov Faik 2324 (Azerbaijan)


As in all previous SPICE Invitational events (SPICE Cup and SPICE Spring Invitational), we do not charge entry fees. The main idea is to give deserving players, especially young American players, a chance to earn IM and GM norms.

This event is sponsored by the Susan Polgar Foundation, Texas Tech University, SPICE, and the Knight Raiders.

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