Aeroflot Open 2010

Aeroflot chess festival will take place on 8-19th February in Moscow

The International Chess Festival Aeroflot Open 2010 will be held in Moscow from 8 February to 19 February 2010. This will be the 9th edition of the Aeroflot Open and for the fifth year in a roll the competition will take place in the major tourist complex “Izmailovo” – hotel “Gamma – Delta”.

The Festival consists of four Open Tournaments (A1, A2, B and C), which will be filled according to the participants’ ratings. Additional to these events, the qualification for the World Blitz Chess Championship 2010 (the reigning champion is Magnus Carlsen) will be held within the festival.

Naturally, the most interest is aroused by A1 tournament, requiring from a player a rating above 2550. The winner of this group earns invitation for the 2010 Dortmund round-robin tournament. The last-year champion Etienne Bacrot is still not on the provisional list of players (Update: Bacrot is now confirmed participant), but the field will be incredibly strong with the World Junior Chess Champion Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Bu Xiangzhi, Alexander Motylev, Vladimir Volokitin, Ivan Cheparinov, Gabriel Sargassian and Evgeny Najer among the top-seeded.

Bu Xiangzhi square 2 Alexander Motylev

Bu Xiangzhi and Alexander Motylev

Former Aeroflot winners, from 2002 onwards, are Gregory Kaidanov (USA), Viktor Bologan (Moldova), Sergei Rublevsky (Russia), Emil Sutovsky (Israel), Baadur Jobava (Georgia), Evgeny Alekseev (Russia), Ian Nepomniachtchi (Russia) and in 2009 Etienne Bacrot (France).

The total prize fund of the four tournaments is EUR 140 000

Tournament A1: for chessplayers with a FIDE rating higher than 2549, 1st Prize – 21 000 EUR

Tournament A2: for chessplayers with a FIDE rating less than 2550, but higher than 2399, 1st Prize – 9 000 EUR

Tournament B: for chessplayers with a FIDE rating less than 2400, but higher than 2199, 1st Prize – 3 500 EUR

Tournament C: for chessplayers with a FIDE rating lower than 2200 or without rating, 1st Prize – 2 000 eur

The qualifier for the World Blitz Championship 2010 (Final) will take place on 18th February 2010, in the same venue (complex “Izmailovo”), as a double nine-round Swiss Blitz Tournament will be held. The final tournament will take place in Moscow in November 2010. It will consist of 20 players (10 participants of Mikhail Tal Memorial 2010, 6 winners of the Qualification Tournament of Feb.18, 2010 and four to six wild cards named by the Organizers). The prize fund of the Qualification Tournament is EUR 40 000.

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