Canadian Open Chess Championship 2009

Alexei Shirov top seeded

Alexei Shirov square 1

Alexei Shirov

The Canadian Open Chess Championship 2009 will take place 11-19 July in Edmonton, Alberta. It will be a 9 round Swiss tournament with $25 000 prize fund. Top seeded is the Mtel Masters winner GM Alexei Shirov (ESP), who will be joined by GM Hua Ni (CHN), GM Michael Adams (ENG), GM Victor Mikhalevski (ISR), GM Surya Ganguly (IND), GM Anton Kovalyov (ARG/QC), GM Alexander Shabalov (USA), GM Mark Bluvshtein (CAN), IM Artiom Samsonkin (CAN), GM Eugene Perelshtyn (USA), GM/WGM Xue Zhao (CHN), IM/WGM Irina Krush (USA), GM Viktor Mikhalevski (ISR), and over 150 more players.

As a side events the organizers have planned lectures by GM Shirov, simuls with GM Adams, IM Krush, and other participants, lectures with Mark Bluvshtein and GM Ganguly.

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