High tension expected at Chess Classic Mainz 2009

Vishy Anand and Levon Aronian to defend their titles

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by Harry Schaack, (English version Eric van Reem)

From 27.7-02.08 once again the best players in the world will meet in the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz to play the most important rapid chess festival in the world, the Chess Classic. The world championships in rapid chess and Chess960 will be staged in a tried and trusted double round robin format with four players, after which the players battle it out in mini-matches to determine the top spot. The players for the main events have already been contracted.

During the GRENKELEASING Rapid World Championship the chess world champion and Chess Classic serial winner Vishy Anand will try do defend his title for the 11th time in a row. However, with the leader of the successful Armenian Olympic Team, Levon Aronian, he faces a formidable opponent who already showed his strength in Mainz in the past. The winner of the ORDIX Open 2008, Ian Nepomniachtchi from Russia and local hero Arkadij Naiditsch will try do their best to put a spoke in the favourite’s wheel. Since the German number one showed an upturn in form in the last few months, he will certainly be the one to watch out for.

Mainz Classic Vishy Anand

World Champion and Rapid World Champion Vishy Anand

Last year the women played their Chess960 world championship, therefore the men are on schedule this year to determine the Chess960 world title. The “dominator” in this exciting discipline is Levon Aronian, who won the title twice. This year, the Chess960 world champion will meet some of the finest Chess960 experts in the world. Victor Bologan is the only player to date who managed to win both Open tournaments: in 2002 he won the Ordix Open, in 2007 he won the FiNet Open and herewith qualified for this years world championship. Rapid and speed chess fans all over the world will look forward to the appearance of the eccentric American ace Hikaru Nakamura, who won the FiNet Open last year and thrilled the spectators with unusual moves and games. Let us not forget the current number 10 in the world, Sergei Movsesian, who completes the field. He catapulted himself amongst the elite players in the last two years and will burn to show his strength in Chess960 as well.

Chesslovers may look forward to a top class chess event. Not only the top players in the world will be present in Mainz to play the main events, but off course there are more tournaments to look forward to: the gigantic ORDIX rapid chess Open, the FiNet Ches960 Open, the open tournaments for U14 talents, the 40 board simultaneous exhibition with Levon Aronian, the Livingston Chess960 Computer World Championship, etc., etc, etc……

Mainz Classic Levon Aronian

Chess960 World Champion Levon Aronian

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