Khanty Mansiysk preparing for Chess Olympiad 2010

Alexander Zhukov and Alexander Filipenko discuss preparations


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chess olympiad 2010

The governor of Ugra and one of the chief organizers of the Chess Olympiad 2010, Alexander Filipenko, met with the Russian Vice President and President of the Russian Chess Federation, Alexander Zhukov. Both discussed the preparations of Khanty Masniysk to host the 2010 Chess Olympiad.

Alexander Filipenko confirmed for that the preparation for the Olympiad is on schedule. Despite the negative effects of the financial crisis, the organizers are working closely with the federal center and autonomous district to provide good conditions and assure that the Olympiad is held at the highest level.

The biggest test for Khanty Mansiysk is the upcoming World Chess Cup 2009. It will be held at the same place and it will show the level of organization the hosts can provide.

The 2008 Chess Olympiad was held in Dresden, while the 2012 Chess Olympiad will take place in Turkey.

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