GM Kiril Georgiev will attack a Guiness chess record

The chess record attempt will take place during the match Kamsky – Topalov in Sofia

chess simul

The Expo playing hall

On Februrary 21st 2009, during the Kamsky – Topalov match in Sofia, GM Kiril Georgiev will make a Guiness record attempt facing 450 players in a simul. For the unique event a labyrinth of chess boards will be built in the Expo center.

The event will be dedicated to the 130th anniversary of naming Sofia capital of Bulgaria. To qualify for the Guinness world record the simultaneous master GM Georgiev has to win at least 80% of the games (360 out of 450 games). More details will be published later this week on

GM Susan Polgar holds the previous record

The previous record belongs to GM Susan Polgar. It was set in an exhibtion simul in Palm Beach, Florida, in July 2005. 326 simultaneous Games Played (309 wins, 14 draws, 3 losses) in 16 hours and 30 minutes.

In the event GM Polgar broke four international records including: largest numbers of simultaneous games played (326, with 309 won, 14 drawn and 3 lost); most consecutive games played (1,131); highest number of games won; and highest percentage of wins (96.93%). Moreover, she had to walk over 15 kilometers!

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