Ciutat de Montacada Chess Tournament

7 GMs and 17 IMs in a strong chess event in Spain

The strong chess tournament Ciutat de Montacada will take place 25th of June – 3rd of July. It will feature players from 14 countries, including Germany, Argentina, Cuba, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Peru, Monaco, India, Bulgaria, Colombia, Peru, Latvia, and Spain. A total of 57 players will take part of the competition, 7 GMs, 17 IMs, 6 FM, and 1 WIM.

The top seeded player is the Cuban GM Lazaro Bruzon (ELO 2608). The strongest local player is GM Lopez Martinez (ELO 2575) and the best woman is the second board of the Spanish team for the ETCC WIM Patricia Llaneza Vega.

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Ciutat de Montacada participants

GM Lazaro Batista Bruzon

GM Josep Manuel Lopez Martinez

GM Viktor Moskalenko

GM Fernando Peralta

GM Julian Radulski

GM Marc Narciso Dublan

IM Jordi Fluvia Poyatos

IM Fidel Corales Jimenez

IM Jaime Alexandr Cuartas

IM Marijan Petrov

GM Alexei Barsov

IM Miguel Muñoz Pantoja

IM Yuri Gonzales

IM Jha Sriram

IM David Martinez Martin

Total: 57 players

The time control of the tournament is 90 minutes + 30 sec per move. A total of 9 rounds will be played. The prize fund is 9300 eur.

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