Corus Chess 2009

list of Corus 2009 participants

The Corus Chess Tournament 2009 will be held from 16 January – 1 February 2009 in Wijk aan Zee. This will be the 71st Corus Chess Tournament and will again be divided into A, B, C, and amateur groups.

Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik will not be present at this year’s Corus edition. Topalov will also skip the event, as he will concentrate on the upcoming challengers match. The winners of last year Carlsen and Aronian will compete again.

Complete list of the participants:

Corus 2009, group A

GM Alexander Morozevich RUS 2771

GM Magnus Carlsen NOR 2776

GM Vassily Ivanchuk UKR 2779

GM Levon Aronian ARM 2750

GM Teymour Radjabov AZE 2761

GM Wang Yue CHN 2739

GM Michael Adams ENG 2712

GM Sergei Movsesian SVK 2751

GM Sergei Karjakin UKR 2706

GM Gata Kamsky USA 2725

GM Leinier Dominguez CUB 2717

GM Loek van Wely NED 2625

GM Daniel Stellwagen NED 2612

GM Jan Smeets NED 2601

Corus 2009, group B

GM Krishnan Sasikiran IND 2711

GM Zahar Efimenko UKR 2688

GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov UZB 2687

GM Alexander Motylev RUS 2676

GM Francisco Vallejo Pons ESP 2702

GM Andrei Volokitin UKR 2671

GM Nigel Short ENG 2663

GM Fabiano Caruana ITA 2646

GM David Navara CZE 2638

GM Erwin l’Ami NED 2603

GM Jan Werle NED 2607

WGM Hou Yifan CHN 2571

GM Henrique Mecking BRA 2567

GM Dimitri Reinderman NED 2549

Corus 2009, group C

GM Wesley So PHI 2627

GM David Howell ENG 2622

GM Abhijeet Gupta IND 2569

GM Tiger Hillarp Persson SWE 2586

GM Friso Nijboer NED 2560

GM Eduardo Iturrizaga VEN 2528

IM Manuel Leon Hoyos MEX 2542

GM Oleg Romanishin UKR 2533

GM Frank Holzke GER 2524

FM Anish Giri RUS 2469

WGM Dronavalli Harika IND 2473

IM Roeland Pruijssers NED 2444

IM Manuel Bosboom NED 2418

IM Ali Bitalzadeh NED 2400

As from January 2009, the rate of play in Grandmaster groups A, B and C will change to: 40 moves in 2 hours, then 20 moves in 1 hour, followed by 15 minutes with 30 seconds per move increment to finish the game.

Photos from Corus

Photo report – by Carla Amse

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