Corus 2010 pairings (UPDATED!)

Corus chess 2010 pairings and opening ceremony

Corus 2009

The opening ceremony of Corus Chess 2010 is going to take place in Wijk Aan Zee. Scroll down for the full pairings, the photos are here.

GM Christian Bauer, GM Valeriy Aveskulov, GM Villamayor, GM Vladimir Dimitrov, IM Alexander Ipatov, NM Pete Karagianis, Jason Juett, IM Perunovic, and WIM Videnova will be commenting the games of Corus 2010 on Chessdom. The commentary starts daily at 13:00 CET and multiple games will be covered.

Stay tuned for full pairings and opening ceremony information!

All Corus 2010 info / Corus chess participants

Corus A, round 1

S. Karjakin – V. Anand

L. Dominguez – V. Kramnik

P. Leko – A. Shirov

F. Caruana – V. Ivanchuk

S. Tiviakov – M. Carlsen

J. Smeets – H. Nakamura

L. van Wely – N. Short

Corus B, round 1

Ni – E. l’Ami

E. Sutovsky – D. Reinderman

T. Nyback – L. Nisipeanu

A. Giri – P. Harikrishna

D. Howell – P. Negi

A. Muzychuk – V. Akobian

A. Naiditsch – W. So

Corus C, round 1

R. Robson – S. Swaminathan

R. Swinkels – A. Gupta

M. Muzychuk – N. Grandelius

S. Kuipers – K. Lie

Z. Peng – R. van Kampen

B. Bok – L. Chao

D. Vocaturo – S. Plukkel

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