Dos Hermanas 2008

Shirov, Topalov, Polgar and Vallejo to participate

Alexei Shirov, Veselin Topalov, Judit Polgar and Francisco Vallejo Pons will play in a chess tournament in Dos Hermanas on April 17-21, 2008. The event will have a similar format to the Leon 2008 chess tournament with 4 rapid games of 20 minutes+10 seconds/move each in semi final and final round. Grandmasters Miguel Illescas and Michael Rahal will provide live commentary on all games for the public.

This is the 14th edition of the tournament. Dos Hermanas municipality, located close to Sevilla, is famous for its cultural activity. From the same region is the Los del Rio duet that sand “Macarena” in the 90′s.

April 16th update:

Semifinal match on 18 April 2008

Topalov against Polgar or Vallejo

Semifinal match on 19 April 2008

Shirov against Polgar or Vallejo

Final match will take place on 20 April.

Drawings lots will be place on 17 April at 20,00 hours. Grandmasters Miguel Illescas and Michael Rahal will provide live commentary on all games for the public.


Four games per day will be played with the following schedule

1st at 16,30 hours

2nd at 17,30 hours

3rd at 18,30 hours

4th at 19,30 hours

There will be 5 minutes break among the games. Each player will have 20 minutes+10 seconds/move for the whole game.

In a case of even result after the four rapid games, the winner will be decided by a new match. The match will consist of two games with a time-control 5 minutes per player + 3 seconds for every move played. In case of another tied result – there will be played a last “sudden-death” decisive game with a time-control 6 minutes for the whole game for the White-player and 5 minutes for the whole game for Black-player. The White-player will only need a victory in this game to win the tournament, whole the Black-player will win the tournament by just not losing that final decisive game.

Introduction by Leontxo García

Four mental sport aces will play in Dos Hermanas (Seville), one of the most attractive rapid chess tournaments of the year. They are former world champion (and number 3 in the list of best players) Veselin Topalov; the Leonardo da Vinci of chess, Alexei Shirov; the best women player of all time, Judit Polgar, and former world under 18 champion Paco Vallejo.

All of them are nonconformist gladiators, for which chess and risk are synonyms. That is why their play is specially appreciated by organizers and chess fans.

This high combativeness factor is one of the main reasons why the Dos Hermanas Sports Council (organizer of the event with the support of the Seville Deputation and the Junta de Andalusia) invite precisely these players, to an event that will bring back the best players in the world to their city.

More than a decade has gone by since Garry Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov and the rest of the best players of the 90’s have played five memorable tournaments (1993-1997) that will go down in history as some of the best events during each of these years.

Nonetheless, the Dos Hermanas Council has always considered that top-level sport must go alongside scholastic sport, even more so in chess, whose pedagogic and social virtues are have been demonstrated only two well.

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