European Club Cup 2008

The European Chess Club Cup 2008 will take place in Kallithea, Greece

The European Club Cup 2008 (24th European Club Cup for Men, 13th European Club Cup for Women) will be held in from Thursday 16th until Friday 24th October. It will be in the G-Hotels complex (Athos Palace and Theofano Imperial Palace) in Kallithea (Greece) , where these days the Halkidiki Chess Open, the European School Individual Championships, and the World Amateur Open are taking place.

The rate of play at the European Club Cup 2008 will be 40 moves in 90 minutes and 30 minutes to finish the game, + 30 seconds additional time per move. The winners in the men section will receive 15 000 eur and the women winners will grab 5000 eur. For the individual boards there are prizes as well – laptops, video and digital cameras, and high technology gadgets in a total amount of 10.000 euros provided by the event sponsors.

Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, the new Marketing director
of European Chess Union and chairman of E.C.C. Organizing Commitee, shared with the Chessdom team in Halkidiki, “European Chess Union is the most dynamic chess organization. E.C.U Board is prepared to
put new standards for chess events following all the principal rules in sports’ marketing.
In this direction we will move starting with some innovations in Club Cup. We will try to change
our image to be more sporty and attractive for sponsors and media.”

Innovations at the European Club Cup

The European Club Cup 2008 will bring in several important innovations in this type of events. For the first time the organizers offer full room and board in single room for 7 nights for each team member equal or over 2700 in the latest list. As this type of assistance is given for the first time at this type of event, the European Club Cup 2008 is expected to be one of the strongest competitions of the year.

The organizers are also taking a step for improving the marketing point of view in the playing hall. Often in big chess competitions TV comes and is confused which player belongs to what team. The ECC 2008 organizers recommend to teams similar dress code. Organizing Committee will propose to participating teams special designed T-Shirts with a player’s number and possible player’s name. The T-Shirts will be offered in a special dressing package in a reasonable price on request.


Linex Magic-Merida (Spain) is the first team to be invited at the ECC 2008. They are the winners of European Club Cup 2007 and Spanish champions for 2007. Cercle d’Echecs de Monte Carlo (Monaco) enter with the same criteria in the women section. Two clubs per federation in which a national team championship is organised is allowed, and one where there is not such. Besides, one additional club for the federations which are ranked in the first five places of the federation ranking list. For the competition 2008 the federations are Russia, France, Israel, Belarus and Poland. As a home country, Greece is entitled to enter with an additional team.


October 16 Arrival of participants

October 16 Captain’s meeting

October 17 Opening Ceremony

October 17 Round 1

October 18 Round 2

October 19 Round 3

October 20 Round 4

October 21 Round 5

October 22 Round 6

October 23 Round 7

October 23 Closing Ceremony

October 24 Departure of participants

Parallel events at the ECC 2008

This year’s European Club Cup will not be the only event. Halkidiki will rather turn into a chess festival. From the 16th to 24th of October there will be a parallel Chess Open. Besides, there will be the 2nd marketing seminar (18-19 October) and the Internation Chess Rapid “Alexander cup” (24-26 October). Stay tuned fpr more information about the European Club Cup on!

Photos from Halkidiki

All photos from Kallithea and Halkidiki can be found in the Games Festival photo album

ecc 2008 2

Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou (left), the new Marketing director
of European Chess Union and chairman
of E.C.C. Organizing Commitee, at the Games Festival in Halkidiki

ecc 2008 1

The neighbouring town of Kassandria has a street with a dozen of nice coffee places

ecc 2008 4

The sea is great both for swimming and scuba diving

ecc 2008 3

The Athos palace will be the playing hall of the competition

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