French Women Chess Championship 2009

10-22 August, Nimes, France

nino maisuradze

Nino Maisuradze

The French Women Chess Championship 2009 (National féminin 2009) will take place in Nimes, the south of France, from 10th to 22nd of August 2009. Jean-Claude Moingt (President of the French Chess Federation) first announced the news on Chess & Strategy in November 2008, now details are available.

There will be 6 participants in a double round robin. It is a change from last year when 12 players competed in the event. This year’s contenders for the French title are:

IM Almira Skripchenko 2449,
IM Sophie Millet 2379,
WGM Maria Leconte 2334,
IM Silvia Collas 2316,
WFM Nino Maisuradze 2261 (author of the Nino Chess Quiz),
WFM Pauline Guichard 2257

Average ELO: 2332,7

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