Games Festival 2010 – Chess Events

Euro Chess School, Euro Chess Seniors and Thessaloniki International Open

European Individual School Championship,

International School Cup

Thessaloniki International Open Tournament 2010

International Open Blitz Tournament

5-11th April 2010

European Seniors’ Individual Rapid Championship,

European Seniors’ Individual Championship,

8-18th April 2010

The registrations and preparations for the 2010 Games Festival are running and Thessaloniki is ready to host a huge chess event.

In the chess section of the Games Festival more than 500 players are expected to play in the 3 tournaments: Euro Chess School (International School Open) – Euro Chess Seniors – Thessaloniki International Open. 10 Grandmasters and International Masters are invited for the open tournament which will be held in 2 groups (A – over 2000 elo, B – U1800 elo, players rated between 1800-2000 have the right to choose their group).

Games Festival 2010 2

Downtown of Thessaloniki

Games Festival 2010 13

Grand Hotel Palace

The chess tournaments are hosted in the luxurious GRAND HOTEL PALACE in the west part of the city under excellent playing conditions.

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V.Olgas 285, Thessaloniki, Greece

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