Human vs. Machine matches in Italy

1st November in Genova, 6-8th November in Carugate

The tireless organizers from Italy are constantly providing new and interesting chess competitions. Mr.Adolivio Capece informed us about two events that will involve Human vs. Machine matches.

The first event will be held in Genoa (Genova), in the central “Biblioteca Berio”, Via del Seminario 16, on November 1st. After the conference, the chess program “Equinox”, which took part at the Computer World Championship in Pamplona some months ago, will challenge GM Igor Efimov and WGM Elena Sedina. This match is a part of the Festival della Scienza Futuro.

Elena Sedina

WGM Elena Sedina

The second event will be hosted in Carugate, a village near Milano, on 6-8th November. On the first day there will be a conference at the Auditorium Atrium. On Saturday afternoon (November 7th) and Sunday morning (November 8th) an international tournament for Chess Computers will take place at the Commercial Centre Carosello. Immediately after, top two programs will challenge GM Stefan Djuric and WGM Olga Zimina to a match.

A simultaneous exhibition with GM Lexy Ortega is also planned. More information.

Olga Zimina

WGM Olga Zimina

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