Hungarian Chess Championsip 2009

Seven-time champion GM Zoltán Almási is top seeded

The 59th Hungarian Chess Championship is taking place on 9-17th August in Hotel Novotel, Szeged. The 10-player round robin tournament implements new regulation to make the championship more interesting. It is not allowed to offer a draw before move 40, and also the win counts as 2,5 points, draw is 1 point, loss is 0 points.

Top-seeded player is GM Zoltán Almási, rated 2684, who already won seven national championships (1995, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2006 and 2008). Ferenc Berkes (2004 and 2007 champion), Zoltán Gyimesi (2005 champion) and Róbert Ruck (2002 champion) are also competing.

Participants (rating, club):

Almási Zoltán (2684 Honvéd ASE Budapest)

Berkes Ferenc (2647 Atomerőmű SE Paks)

Balogh Csaba (2595 Aquaprofit Nagykanizsa SK)

Gyimesi Zoltán (2591 Csuti SK Zalaegerszeg)

Erdős Viktor (2565 Makói Spartacus VSE)

Ruck Róbert (2561 Csuti SK Zalaegerszeg)

Medvegy Zoltán (2547 Aquaprofit Nagykanizsa SK)

Grószpéter Attila (2541 Atomerőmű SE Paks)

Bérczes Dávid (2519 Aquaprofit Nagykanizsa SK)

Prohászka Péter (2508 Aquaprofit Nagykanizsa SK)

News by Laszlo Rudolf

Zoltan Almasi square

Zoltán Almási

Balogh Csaba 1

Csaba Balogh

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