Ikaros Chess Festival 2008

strong field at the Aegean Open Championship 2008

This year’s Aegean Open Championship 2008, the main event of the Ikaros Chess Festival 2008, is expected to be a quite strong and interesting tournament that will take place from 12th till 20th of July 2008 at Aghios Kirykos, the capital of Ikaria island in Greece. So far the following strong players have confirmed their participation:

Evgeny Postny (GM, ISR, 2649), Christodoulos Banikas (GM, GRE, 2600), Andrey Rychagov (GM, RUS, 2565), Robert Markus (GM, SRB, 2557), Alexander Shneider (GM, UKR, 2537), Giannis Nikolaidis (GM, GRE, 2516), Sergey Zagrebelny (GM, UZB, 2480), Krum Georgiev (GM, BUL, 2452), Shojat Ghane (GM, IRN, 2424), Petar Velikov (GM, BUL, 2414), Thomas Henrichs (IM, GER, 2497), Sebastian Siebrecht (IM, GER, 2490), Nikolov Momchil (IM, BUL, 2488), Bjorn Brinck-Claussen, (DEN, IM, 2306)

Among the female players the field is also quite interesting:

Irina Zakurdjaeva (WGM, RUS, 2296), Darja Kaps (WGM, SLO, 2287), Ana Srebrnic (WGM, SLO, 2283), Yana Melnikova (WGM, RUS, 2259), Elitsa Raeva (WFM, BUL, 2258), Olga Dolzhikova (WGM, UKR, 2256), Liubov Kostiukova (IM, UKR, 2247)

Morever, several other strong GMs have expressed their interest for this year’s Ikaros Chess Festival but, so far, they haven’t confirmed their participation: Alexander Shabalov (4 times US champion), Dmitry Svetuskin (several times winner of the Ikaros Chess Festival), Robert Fontaine, Yaroslav Zinchenko, Ramil Hasangatin, Bartek Heberla, Valery Yandemirov.

As in the 2007 edition of the tournament, Ikaros Chess Festival 2008 is a very good choice for all chess players due to the beauty of the island of Ikaria itself that is ideal for relaxing family vacations without lacking the well known Greek island nightlife, the low cost accommodation package that the organization committee offers to the participants (250 Euros per person including ferry tickets, accommodation, and entrance fee, special discounts are available for junior players, families and club teams) and, of course, the friendly and relaxing atmosphere of the tournament that converts Aghios Kirykos to a pure chess vacation site J. is the official media partner of the Ikaros Chess festival

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Information about Ikaros Chess Festival 2008: Please contact Mr. Savas Kyriakou at: ++30-210-5010871, ++30-6932-478386, (5-9 p.m.) or at: or check the tournament webpage at: . For information about the island of Ikaria you can also check at:

Venue: Athletic Center of Agios Kirykos, Ikaria island1, Greece.

Dates: 12-20 July 2008.

Playing System: Nine (9) Rounds Accelerated (for the two (2) first rounds) Swiss. FIDE rules apply.

Rate of play: Ninety (90) minutes plus 30 seconds per move (from move 1) for the completion of the game for each player.

Schedule of Ikaros Chess Festival 2008

1st Round: Saturday 12/7, 7.00 p.m.

2nd Round: Sunday 13/7, 7.00 p.m.

3rd Round: Monday 14/7, 7.00 p.m.

4th Round: Tuesday 15/7, 7.00 p.m.

5th Round: Wednesday 16/7, 7.00 p.m.

6th Round: Thursday 17/7, 7.00 p.m.

7th Round: Friday 18/7, 7.00 p.m.

8th Round: Saturday 19/7, 7.00 p.m.

9th Round: Sunday 20/7, 11.00 a.m.

Tie-breaks: 1. Bucholtz

2. Median Bucholtz

3. Number of wins

4. Sum of progressive scores

Prizes: The prizes will be € 3000 in total, as the winner will take 800 eur.

Ikaria Mavrianou Region

Mavrianou Region

Ikaria Agia Irini

Agia Irini


Ikaria Nas Beach

Ikaria chess

We would like to thank the photographer Yiorgos Depollas and the Editions Fotorama Co. for their kind permission to use the photos from Yiorgos Depollas’ album titled “Ikaria” (ISBN: 960-7524-18-7). If you are interested in the other photo albums of Yiorgos Depollas please check at:

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