InventiChess 2008

10 players in round-robin, August 23-31

InventiChess 2008 tournament will take place on 23-31 August in Antwerpen, Belgium. The top seeded player is Bu Xiangzhi of China, once the youngest Grandmaster on the world and currently rated second in his country. Next comes a group of strong players rated close to 2600 – Rafael Vaganian, Jan Werle, Zoltan Gyimesi and Evgenij Miroshnichenko, who already claimed an earlier InventiChess event. A special guest is two-times European Women’s champion Kateryna Lahno of Ukraine.


GM Xiangzhi Bu (China 2710)

GM Rafael Vaganian (Armenia 2594)

GM Evgenij Miroshnichenko (Ukraine 2593)

GM Jan Werle (Netherlands 2591)

GM Zoltan Gyimesi (Hungary 2586)

GM Jan Timman (Netherlands 2562)

GM Kateryna Lahno (Ukraine 2507)

GM Gerhard Schebler (Germany 2453)

IM Bart Michiels (Belgium 2442)

IM Geert Van der Stricht (Belgium 2426)

Bu Xiangzhi square 2 Werle 2

Xiangzhi Bu and Jan Werle

The organizers are also putting together a CEO tournament on August 31st:

Ronny Baekelant – ThyssenKrupp Materials

Philippe Maenhout – Maenhout NV

Herman De Latte – Big Bang Ventures

Benoît Ide – Vercammen and Co

Marc Dillen – Vlaamse Confederatie Bouw

Alexander Dewulf – Voka Halle-Vilvoorde

Johan De Saegher – Taminco

Luc Lambrechts – Privé-praktijk Gent – Aalst

Annemie Baecke – Dexia Insurance

Walter Tonoli – The Belgian

Kris Peeters – Vlaamse Regering

Marc Coucke – Omega Pharma

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