InventiChess 2009

Top event is 15th category International Grandmaster Tournament

The InventiChess event takes place on 18-26th September in the Inventi training center, a hundred meters away from the City Hall in the center of the historical downtown of Antwerp in Belgium. This beautiful renovated historical building was the former house of Peter Benoit, former Belgian composer. Nowadays this house is an inspiring environment where sales reps and managers are trained and sales strategies are developed. All the games will be played in the large meeting room on the ground floor.

Program InventiChess 2009

I. International Grandmaster Tournament

From September 18th till September 26th 2009. Nine international Grandmasters and one Belgian international Master will play during nine days.

GM Etienne Bacrot France 2709

GM Gabriel Sargissian Armenia 2678

GM Emil Sutovsky Israel 2676

GM Krishnan Sasikiran India 2661

GM Bartosz Socko Poland 2637

GM David Howell England 2624

GM Jan Timman The Netherlands 2588

IM Anna Muzychuk Slovenia 2542

GM Antoaneta Stefanova Bulgaria 2535

IM Bart Michiels Belgium 2451

srb liga Sutovsky

GM Emil Sutovsky

II. Five-States Youth Tournament Under 16

On September 19th and 20th 2009. The participants of the international tournament are 2 Belgians, 2 Dutchmen, 2 Germans, 2 Frenchmen, 2 Englishmen. This is an unique opportunity for these young chess players to taste the atmosphere of a very high level international tournament.

Eva Baekelant Belgium 1985

Lisa Lagaert Belgium 1915

Julian van Overdam Netherlands 2100

Zyon Kollen Netherlands 1959

Lennart Falter Germany 1840

Sven Titgemeyer Germany 1930

Benjamin Feryn France 2005

Elsa Pivard France 1860

Samuel Franklin UK 2131

S. Sathyanandha UK 2010

III. Youth Tournament Under 12

Wednesday September 23rd 2009. Inventi gives the opportunity to 20 young Belgian chess talents to compete against each other at the background of the International Grandmaster tournament.

IV. CEO tournament

Saturday September 26th 2009. Twenty CEOs and managers will challenge each other during the last day of the international Grandmaster tournament. Inventi illuminates the similarities between chess and entrepreneurship.

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Two international masters making the analysis

Jan-Willem De Jong: : He is a Dutch chess master and already commented on during the InventiChess matches in 2008. In 2007 he even participated in the Inventi IM-norm tournament, where he came in second, close behind GM Evgenij Miroschnichenko.

Mher Hovhanisian: He will provide tips and insights during the Grandmasters’ games. Among others, Mehr helps young chess players in Limburg in developing their game. Exceptional news is that Hovhanisian captured the title of Belgian Champion on July 12th.

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