Jermuk FIDE Grand Prix

5th Grand Prix to be played on 8-24th August in Jermuk, Armenia

The 5th FIDE Grand Prix stage is set to take place on 8th-24th August 2009 in Jermuk, Armenia. After many problems, cancelations of the original bidders and players’ withdrawal, Armenia agreed to host the tournament when their national team won gold medal at the 2008 Chess Olympiad.

Jermuk is a city in the southern Armenian province of Vayots Dzor. The city has approximately 4,600 people, down from 9,000 reported in the 1989 census. It was a popular destination during the Soviet era and famous for its hot springs. The city provides mineral table water and also has a waterfall and mineral water pool. Jermuk is currently being redeveloped in the hope of becoming a centre of tourism once again. From Wikipedia.

Each of the players will participate in four out of six Grand Prix tournaments and the top two finishers in combined standings will qualify for the World Championship candidate matches. Currently, Teimour Radjabov, who played in three tournaments, and Alexander Grischuk, who completed all four, are leading, but Levon Aronian is very close with maximum points from only two events. Aronian won GP in Sochi and Nalchik and is top-seeded player in Jermuk.

Wang Yue and Vugar Gashimov are also in good position to qualify for the next level in the World Championship cycle, but they are skipping this event and will complete the circuit in the sixth tournament, which is supposed to take place in December but is not announced as of yet.

Dmitry Jakovenko and Peter Leko are coming to Jermuk following a month of break after Dortmund super-tournament, while Boris Gelfand, Evgeny Alekseev and Vassily Ivanchuk are arriving with mixed feelings after the Biel Festival.


Levon Aronian ARM 2768

Dmitry Jakovenko RUS 2760

Peter Leko HUN 2756

Boris Gelfand ISR 2755

Etienne Bacrot FRA 2721

Sergey Karjakin UKR 2717

Gata Kamsky USA 2717

Pavel Eljanov UKR 2716

Evgeny Alekseev RUS 2714

Vladimir Akopian ARM 2712

Vassily Ivanchuk UKR 2703

Ivan Cheparinov BUL 2678

Ernesto Inarkiev RUS 2675

Rustam Kasimdzhanov UZB 2672

The official website also contains the playing schedule and contact information, although nobody is replying to an email sent weeks ago.

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