Rapid match Karjakin – Short in Ukraine

Karjakin and Short to play 10 rapid games

A rapid chess match between GM Karjakin and GM Short will take place 3rd to 7th of July, 2008 in Kiev in the Puppet Theatre. The match consists of 10 games with time control 25 minutes plus 10 seconds per move starting from move 1. Apparently, there will be no tiebreaks and the match is considered draw in case of a 5:5 score.

Two games will be played daily starting at 15:00 CET and 17:00 CET. The last two rounds start an hour earlier. Commentators of the match will be GM Vladimir Tukmakov and GM Genna Sosonko.

Karjakin and Short story from 2005

Karjakin and Short had a dangerous experience a few years ago. Here is the full story by GM Short himself for Telegraph

In May, while driving back from Messinia to Athens after celebrating the Orthodox Easter, my car was struck by an oncoming vehicle which had skidded uncontrollably off a wet bend. The force of the impact knocked both vehicles off the road. My car was a write-off, but fortunately the 15-year-old Ukrainian boy who had been in the front seat suffered only minor cuts. His mother and I clambered out unscathed. A couple of days later this boy, Sergey Karjakin, began an elite junior chess tournament in Kirishi, Russia. After a shaky start (not surprising, given his recent trauma) he cruised to a comfortable victory.

After the accident I spoke to my friend, grandmaster Stelios Halkias from Thessaloniki. I said that I had almost changed the path of chess history by allowing the future World Champion to be killed while in my care. “Ha, ha, ha – he is not that good,” came the reply. Stelios ought to have remembered that Nemesis is a Greek goddess. Sure enough, a few weeks later he was soundly thrashed when he met Karjakin in the second round of the European Championship in Warsaw, Poland. Indeed Karjakin got off to a brilliant start, storming into the lead, but was pegged back by three late losses (curiously all to fellow countrymen). None the less his performance sufficed for a third-placed finish – very impressive and bodes well for the future.

Karjakin first rose to international prominence as the 11-year-old (!) analyst of Ruslan Ponomariov. The following year he became the youngest grandmaster in history – although frankly I consider such records, which are open to manipulation, have little intrinsic worth these days. I would much rather believe the evidence of my own eyes, and I can tell you, after working with him for a fortnight, that he is mightily talented. You’d better watch out.

Karjakin shrt

Sergey Karjakin

Despite his young age, Sergey Karjakin had time to set several impressive records. At the age of 12 years and 7 months he had become the youngest Grandmaster in the history of chess, and being 14 years old – the youngest champion of Chess Olympics as the member of the team of Ukraine.

Just several years later, 18 years old Sergey is one of the youngest in the world of chess elite. He has many bright victories in the most representative tournaments.

In the current rating list he is on the 14th place and together with Magnus Carlsen from Norway is one of the most promising representatives of the new generation. Obviously, both of them will take part in the competition for the world chess champion title in the nearest time.

Sergey is the pupil of the famous chess school in Kramatorsk. Currently he lives in Simferopol’.

Nigel Short square

Nigel Short

The name of the English Grandmaster Nigel Short (born in 1965) is well known to any chess fan. Having revealed exceptional talents in the early childhood, Nigel successfully played on the junior championships of the world and Europe, in 1979 sharing first place and next year taking the second place after Kasparov. Since the age of 20 Short takes part in the competition for the world championship. Many times champion of Great Britain, he was the first Englishman to participate in contender’s championship. The triumph of Short’s carrier was the match for champion’s title with Garry Kasparov in London (1993), when Kasparov succeeded to defend his title.

“Not everyone could be opposed to such genius chess player as Garry Kasparov in those times. I believe, my play was fitting the world champion and I can say even more, I had good chances to win but unfortunately I lost”, – said Short just recently.

Nigel Short had won dozens of international tournaments and in June 2008 participated in the King’s Tournament in Romania, where he took the lead over Portish, Belyavsky, Timman, Vaganyan, Andersson, Meking, Khalifman and other famous Grandmasters.

Nigel Short’s wife is Greek and the couple lives in Greece.

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