Karpov – Ghaem Maghami match in Tehran

Mate of the king, 26.01-03.02


In celebrattion of the 30th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the Iranian Chess Federation has the honor to organize the Combined Match between the former world champion GM Anatoly Karpov of Russia and GM Ehsan Ghaem Maghami of Iran from 26 January till 03 February 2009 in Tehran.

The tournament is named “Mate of the King” which comes from the Persian Shahmat (Checkmate).

The FIDE Laws of Chess will apply with the following exception: as a Special Condition for the Public and Media, all games should continue until the last playable move on the board, as suggested by Iranian Chess Federation FIDE Delegate and Asian Chess Federation Treasurer Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh. A player cannot offer a draw or even resign the game. In a losing position a player should continue until mate and in a drawn position should continue until three time repetition of Position or until lack of mating pieces for both sides or stalemate.

The match will consist of 3 parts: Classical Games, Rapid Games and Blitz Games sessions with time controls 90 Min. + 30 Sec./Move (Fischer Mode increment from move One), 25 Min. + 10 Sec./Move (Fischer Mode increment from move One), and 4 Min. + 2 Sec./Move (Delay time increment from move one).

Schedule of the Karpov – Ghaemmaghami match

26 January 2009 Arrival and Press Conference 10:30

27 January 2009 Opening Ceremony 14:00 and Round 1 14:30 Classical Games

28 January 2009 Round 2 14:30 Classical Games

29 January 2009 Round 3 14:30 Classical Games

30 January 2009 Rest day

31 January 2009 Round 4 14:30 Classical Games

01 January 2009 Rounds 1-4 14:30 Rapid Games

02 February 2009 Rounds 1-6 12:00 Blitz Games Rounds 7-12 15:30 Blitz Games Closing Ceremony 18:30


Tehran is the venue of the match

The beautiful city of Tehran will host the event. Tehran is the capital and largest city of Iran, and the administrative center of Tehran Province. Tehran is a sprawling city at the foot of the Alborz mountain range (the highest point in the Middle East (1,191 m, 3,900 ft)) with an immense network of highways. Tehran is famous for its numerous ski resorts on the Alborz slopes, large museums, art centers, and palace complexes. Tehran is the largest city in the Middle East and is the most populated city in South Western Asia with a population of over 7,000,000 and approximately 15 million leave around the city itself.

Most Iranian industries are headquartered in Tehran. The industries include the manufacturing of automobiles, electrical equipment, textiles, sugar, cement, etc. It is also a leading center for the sale of top quality carpets and furniture.

The city host people from many religions and is filled with many historic mosques, churches, synagogues and Zoroastrian fire temples.


Borj-e Sefid (The White Tower) in Pasdaran Street


Modern highrises of Elahiyeh district

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