Rapid Match Leko-Carlsen Starting Next Week

28th May through 1st June in Miskolc, Hungary

The City of Miskolc, in northeastern Hungary, continues its fine tradition of organizing strong rapid matches for nation’s top player Peter Leko. This year, his opponent is absolute hit of the season, joint winner of 2008 Corus, Linares and Baku, Magnus Carlsen from Norway. The eight-game rapid event takes place from 28th May through 1st June.

It is fair to say that Leko has more experience in rapid chess, having played Melodi Amber for years and even winning the 2007 ACP Rapid World Cup in Odessa. In the earlier Miskolc events, Leko tied a dramatic match with Michael Adams on 2005, then beat Anatoly Karpov with a single decided game on 2006, and lost 3.5-4.5 to then World Champion Vladimir Kramnik on 2007.

Magnus Carlsen had a sequence of fantastic results since the 2007 World Cup, which rose him to 2765 rating points and 5th place at the FIDE list. The young Norwegian is also dangerous in fast time controls, having won the 2006 Glitnir Blitz and tied second at this year’s Melodi Amber. It is interesting to note that Carlsen never won a single game against Leko, many clashes finished in draws, while Leko won three games with white pieces at the very important tournaments in Linares and Corus.

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