Moscow Open 2008

over 150 titled players at the competition

Moscow Open 2008 will take place February 2-10 in Moscow, Russia. It is a strong open tournament with three groups (A, B, and ladies tournament). Until today there are more than 600 participants, of which 80+ GMs, 20+ IMs, and a total of more than 150 titled players. Top of the list is the Armenian GM Vladimir Akopian, followed by GM Маlakhov, GM Inarkiev, and GM Zviagintsev. For the Netherlands we will see GM Tiviakov and for Georgia GM Jobava Baadur.
In the ladies section the top player is the Corus C participant WGM Anna Ushenina. Another Corus participant will be there as well, the US top female player IM Irina Krush. Slovenia’s Anna Muzychuk is also among the favorites.

The games will take place Russian State Social University. The total prize fund of the Moscow open 2008 is over 5 million rubles (200 000 USD).


1. Акopian Vladimir GM ARM 2700

2. Маlakhov Vladimir GM RUS 2689

3. Inarkiev Ernesto GM RUS 2681

4. Zviaginnsev Vadim GM RUS 2677

5. Timofeev Artyom GM RUS 2664

6. Tiviakov Sergei GM NED 2649

7. Amonatov Farrukh GM TJK 2649

8. Miroshnichenko Evgenij GM UKR 2647

9 .Areshcenko Alexander GM UKR 2645

10.Motylev Alexander GM RUS 2644

11.Jobava Baadur GM GEO 2643

12.Moiseenko Alexander GM UKR 2643

13.Sutovsky Emil GM ISR 2642

14.Naiditsch Arkadij GM GER 2638

15.Efimenko Zahar GM UKR 2638

16.Tregubov Pavel GM RUS 2636

17.Najer Evgeniy GM RUS 2634

18.Dreev Alexey GM RUS 2633

19.Riazantsev Alexander GM RUS 2628

20.Efimenko Zahar GM UKR 2624

Total A group: 250 paticipants

Total B group: 325 paticipants

Participants, women tournament

1. Ushenina, Anna wgm UKR 2484

2. Danielian, Elina im ARM 2480

3. Pogonina, Natalia wgm RUS 2476

4. Lahno Kateryna gm UKR 2475

5. Krush, Irina im USA 2473

6. Javakhishvili, Lela im GEO 2470

7. Muzychuk, Anna wim SLO 2460

8. Harika, Dronavalli wgm IND 2455

9. Zhukova Natalia wgm UKR 2443

10.Matveeva, Svetlana wgm RUS 2433

Total: 116 participants

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GM Baadur Jobava with the Chessdom CEO Anton Mihailov

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Katerina Lahno was top board for Ukraine during the ETCC.
She is one of the favorites at Moscow Open 2008

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Anna Muzychuk will be the Slovenian representative at Moscow Open 2008

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Motylev was captain of the fantastic Russian European Champion team

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