New England Masters Chess Tournament

Peabody (Boston), Massachusetts, USA on August 13-17, 2007

New England Masters Chess Tournament

August 13-17, 2007

Peabody (Boston), Massachusetts, USA

The New England Masters is a 9 round FIDE Swiss tournament designed to provide the maximum potential for chess players to obtain both Grandmaster and International Master norms. To help with this, it is only open to players with a FIDE rating of 2200 or higher. We will be using FIDE rules, pairings and ratings in terms of anything to do with this tournament.

Four Grandmasters have already agreed to participate, which means that GM norms will clearly be attainable! They are current US champion Alexander Shabalov (FIDE 2637), Leonid Kritz from Germany (FIDE 2593), Eugene Perelshteyn from USA (2531) and Nigel Davies from England (2501).

New England Masters

As well as the norm opportunities, there is also a $3300 prize fund up for grabs. Prizes will be paid to 1st through 4th and there will be Under 2400 and Under 2300 prizes available too.

The Holiday Inn Peabody (near Boston) is the host venue. It has an indoor pool, fitness facilities and a very comfortable playing area. They are providing a very decent room rate of just $69/night. The hotel is also located just 12 miles from Logan International Airport, Boston. Room availability, and the rate of $69/night, is only guaranteed until July 23 so please ensure you book your room by then!

Online entry into the tournament is available at The entry fees are structured based on FIDE ratings.

For further information regarding the New England Masters, please visit our website at

Players registered so far:

GM Alexander Shabalov (USA 2637)

GM Leonid Kritz (GER 2571)

GM Eugene Perelshteyn (USA 2540)

IM Lev Milman (USA 2499)

GM Nigel Davies (ENG 2495)

IM Joshua Friedel (USA 2472)

IM Robert Hess (USA 2439)

IM Justin Sarkar (USA 2403)

FM Daniel Rensch (USA 2400)

IM Dean Ippolito (USA 2395)

IM David Vigorito (USA 2393)

FM Ray Robson (USA 2347)

FM Eugene Yanayt (USA 2335)

FM Ilye Figler (USA 2332)

IM James Rizzitano (USA 2328)

Arjun Vishnuvardhan (IND 2325)

FM Paul Mac Intyre (USA 2304)

IM Oladapo Adu (NGR 2294)

FM Braden Bournival (USA 2291)

FM James Critelli (USA 2262)

FM Elliott Liu (USA 2260)

Chris Mabe (USA 2240)

Luis Belliard (DOM 2232)

FM John Bick (USA 2218)

Max Enkin (USA 2213)

Franklin Alvarez (DOM 2200)

Gauri Shankar (IND 2177)

WFM Elizabeth Vicary (USA 2148)

Dale Haessel (CAN 2136)

Chris Bird

Organizer, New England Masters Chess Tournament

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