Pannonia Cup

Balatonalmadi (Hungary) 01-05th AUG 2007

Since 1996 we stage PANNONIA CUP international chess tournament every year. In the previous years more than 100 players participated from various countries in A and B groups.

The cup is held in Balatonalmadi. It is one of the most beautiful places on the North coast of lake Balaton. The venue is the Air-conditioned Conference Hall of Pannonia Kulturalis Kozpont es Konyvtar.

Group A

International Open for FIDE ratings

Time control: 90 minutes + 30sec after each move

1st place prize : 40.000 HUF

Group B

International Open for FIDE ratings for players rated under 2000

Time control: 120 min for all moves

1st place prize : 5.000 HUF

Final ranking:

Places are decided by number of scores won. Ties are decided by Bucholcz, by Swiss Master 5.1 and furthermore/additionally Progressive Bucholz, TPR, Rating. Prizes will be taxed and not shared. One player may get only one prize.


Recreation Association of Vorosbereny – main organizer

Mr. Istvan Boka Dr, Member of Hungarian Parliament – patron

Mr. Janos Keszei Mayor of Balatonalmadi – patron



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