2nd International Chess Festival Sport Summer 2009

August 19-26th in Paraćin, Serbia

The 2nd International Chess Festival “Sport Summer 2009″ is scheduled to take place on August 19-26th in Hotel “Petrus” in Paraćin, Serbia. The main event is 9-round Swiss tournament with FIDE time control which will be valid for FIDE rating and GM/IM norms. In addition, the 4th “Uroš Dinić” Memorial will commence as 15-minute per player rapid tournament on the main event’s rest day – Saturday, August 22nd.

“Extraordinary location, near highway E-75 and cross-road which connects east and west Serbia, will attract many chess players and visitors to participate in this event. Possibility to obtain norms for international chess titles, to stay in a solid hotel with an unusual architectural design, on more then affordable rates, will encourage professional and amateur chess players to participate and accomplish their goals.” – the chief organizer Saša Jevtić stated for Chessdom.

Mr. Jevtić also highlighted additional benefit for the visitors – “Participants of this Chess Festival will enjoy in different suitabilities, which will be offered by the Organization Committee. Free tickets for open and closed pool and free excursions to visit beautiful area resorts and historical monuments will be a supplemental effort to make a pleasant stay to all Chess Festival guests. During the whole summer there are many sport, cultural, music and art performances, held in the evenings at the central city square. That is unique event, traditionally organized, full of youth, beauty and spirit, which heightens all visitors.”

Paracin Crkva i Hotel

Hotel Petrus and Holy Trinity Church

Paracin Downtown night

Night view from the hotel top floor

Basic Tournament Data

OPEN tournament, FIDE Swiss, 9 rounds.

Tournament is valid for FIDE rating and GM/IM norms.

Time control is 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment after each move. Top 6 boards will be broadcasted online.

Official website is


Opening Ceremony – Wednesday, August 19th 16.30

Round 1 – Wednesday, August 19th 17.00

Round 2 – Thursday, August 20th 10.00

Round 3 – Thursday, August 20th 17.00

Round 4 – Friday, August 21st 17.00

Rapid Tournament – Saturday, August 22nd 10.00

Round 5 – Sunday, August 23rd 10.00

Round 6 – Sunday, August 23rd 17.00

Round 7 – Monday, August 24th 17.00

Round 8 – Tuesday, August 25th 17.00

Round 9 – Wednesday, August 26th 10.00

Closing Ceremony – Wednesday, August 26th 15.00

Prize fund 389.000 din. (4100 EUR, 1 EUR ~ 95 din.)

Regular prizes: 313.000 din.

80.000, 60.000, 40.000, 30.000, 20.000, 15.000, 12.000, 10.000,

2 x 8.000 i 5 x 6.000, 15 prizes in total

Special prizes: 76.000 din.

- the best female player 6.000

- the best veteran player 6.000

- the best player born 1991. and younger 6.000

- the best local player 6.000

- rating group 0-2000 12.000, 8.000, 6.000

- rating group 2001-2200 12.000, 8.000, 6.000

* Prizes will be given according to HORT criteria

* One player is not allowed to win more then one prize

Additional 47.000 din. (500 EUR) prize fund for the 4th “Uroš Dinić” Memorial (rapid)

Entry fee

GM’s and players rated higher then 2500 – no entry fee

female players and young players – 1.600 din.

all other players – 2.400 din.


Hotel “Petrus” Paraćin

full board – person/day in double room 1.650 din.

full board – person/day in single room 1.850 din.

bed and breakfast – person/day in double room 1.000 din.

bed and breakfast – person/day in single room 1.200 din.

Villa “Modex” Paraćin

(150m from the playing venue)

bed and breakfast-person/day in double room contact organizer

bed and breakfast-person/day in single room contact organizer

Private accommodation

500 – 800 din. per night

Special Conditions

Organizer offers to foreign Grandmasters and International masters special conditions regarding to accommodation. The amount for those special conditions is limited, so hurry up and do not miss the chance! For more information contact organizer.

Top registered players (of total 88):

GM Simantsev Mikhail 2527 UKR

GM Shkuro Iuri 2519 UKR

GM Kasparov Sergey 2487 BLR

GM Stanojoski Zvonko 2483 MKD

GM Abramovic Bosko 2465 SRB

GM Popchev Milko 2459 BUL

GM Tosic Miroslav 2438 SRB

IM Stojanovski Dejan 2432 MKD

GM Georgiev Krum 2430 BUL

IM Pancevski Filip 2422 MKD

FM Zlatanovic Boroljub 2413 SRB

IM Dancevski Orce MKD 2411

IM Nestorovic Nikola SRB 2410

IM Nestorovic Dejan SRB 2405

Lapcevic Milos 2390 SRB

IM Kojovic Dragan 2373 SRB

FM Napoli Nicolo’ ITA 2368

FM Brankovic Dejan 2358 SRB

FM Galunov Todor 2341 BUL

FM Zivkovic Ivan B 2341 SRB

FM Milenkovic Mladen 2336 SRB

FM Komnenic Branko 2319 SRB

Lazic Dragoljub 2317 SRB

FM Markovic Marko 2312 SRB

IM Andonov Bogomil 2311 BUL

FM Dinic Dragan 2310 SRB

FM Popovic Djordje D 2308 SRB

Information and Reservation

For all further information about Chess Festival and for accommodation reservation, please contact the organizer:

Saša Jevtić +381 63 439497 or e-mail

Paracin Crnica

Crnica river flowing right next to the playing venue

Paracin mapa

Paracin on the map

Paraćin was mentioned for the first time in the charters from 14th century. In the classical period at the place of the present town was the station Sarmates on the military road (VIA MILITARIS). Paraćin is the town on the Crnica river, from ancient times at the crossroads of important ways.

During the second half of 19th century Paraćin becomes the industrial centre by establishing the Factory of woolens by Minhs brothers, the glass factory and the factory of cement.

Today Paraćin is a modern business centre to which a large area outside the territory of Paracin’s commune gravitates. Thirty thousand inhabitants live in Paraćin, while the whole commune together with 34 villages counts about seventy thousand inhabitants.

Paraćin is located near E-75 highway (corridor X) 156 km southern than Belgrade and 80 km northwards than Niš.

The inhabitants of Paraćin, traditionally full of enterprising spirit, ready to accept all positive trends, are trying to use comparative advantages wishing to make theirs and everybody else’s lives better.

Paracin Centar grada

Paracin main square

Paracin Aerial view

Aerial view

Do not miss this chance to play in a well organized chess tournaments and to enjoy in traditional Serbian cuisine.

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