2nd Polonia Wroclaw International Chess Tournament

18-22.04.2007, Poland

It is great to have more and more events popularizing chess among children. A great tournament for kids and teenagers will take place in Poland between 18th and 22nd of April. It will be a 9 round swiss tournament. The games will be played at Cultral Center Agora, Wroclaw.

The participants will be divided into the groops. Group A will be for teenagers up to 17 years old. Group B will be for competitors up to age of 13. Group C will be for kids under 9 years. Group A and B results will be submited to FIDE.

The time control is 90 min per game + 30 sec. per move for Groups A and B and 120 min per game for Group C. In case of equal points the place in the final standing will be decided by small Buchholz, Buchholz, progress, number of wins, Berger, and drawing.

April 17 Technical meeting
April 18 Round 1 and 2
April 19 Round 3 and 4
April 20 Round 5 and 6
April 21 Roond 7 and 8
April 22 Round 9 / closing ceremony

The total prize fund is 5200 eur

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