Reggio Emilia celebrating 50th anniversary

from 29th December 2007 till 6th January 2008

Reggio Emilia tournament is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a 16-category event. What started as small local tournament back in 1958, sprouted into prominent happening by the early 90′s, when both Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov sat on the stage. List of the Reggio Emilia winners is outstanding, Viswanathan Anand, Anatoly Karpov, Nona Gaprindashvili, Lajos Portish, Ulf Andersson, Rafael Vaganian, to mention a few.

The 50th event is taking place from 29th December 2007 till 6th January 2008. As GM David Navara signaled us during the ETCC, organizers have put together an impressive lineup. Pentala Harikrishna (IND 2668) and Hua Ni (CHN 2641) will represent Asia, Konstantin Landa (RUS 2678) and talented Vugar Gashimov (AZE 2663) are heading from the area of former USSR. Distinguished writer Mihail Marin (ROM 2551) is back in the playing hall, while globetrotter Sergey Tiviakov (NED 2643) and legendary Viktor Korchnoi (SUI 2611) will square off again after the last year’s incident in a Spanish tournament.

David Navara square Tiviakov canada

David Navara and Sergey Tiviakov

David Navara (CZE 2656) is on the tour to rejoin 2700 club, sharp tactician Zoltan Almasi (HUN 2691) is someone to have his games checked every day and Michele Godena (ITA 2535) is joining after solid display at the Salona 2007 in Croatia.

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