Remembering Bobby Fischer

Pancevo is organizing chess tournament in memory of the great champion

On the initiative of IO Miladin Mitrovic, the city of Pancevo is organizing Invitational Rapid Tournament dedicated to the memory of the chess genius Robert Bobby Fischer. The tournament of 9 rounds, with time control of 15 minutes per player, will take place on Saturday, 31st January.

Serbia has special reasons to celebrate the great player as he was common guest in this country before retiring on 1972 and also the site of his comeback 20 years later. GM Svetozar Gligoric, one of the Fischer’s closest friends, will be present during the event. All top rated Serbian players will take participation, while the international challenge will be led by famous GM Kiril Georgiev.

bobi fiser

The prize fund is 4.000 Euro, provided by city of Pancevo and Banca Intesa A.D. Beograd. Top 30 will split money prizes, while all players will be presented with gifts.

Preliminary player list:

GM Georgiev Kiril 2634 BUL

GM Ivanisevic Ivan 2628 SRB

GM Sedlak Nikola 2592 SRB

GM Solak Dragan 2590 SRB

GM Damljanovic Branko 2587 SRB

GM Miladinovic Igor 2574 SRB

GM Pikula Dejan 2570 SRB

GM Ilincic Zlatko 2555 SRB

GM Milanovic Danilo 2552 SRB

GM Bogosavljevic Boban 2543 SRB

GM Kovacevic Aleksandar 2543 SRB

GM Stojanovic Mihajlo 2530 SRB

GM Savic Miodrag R 2525 SRB

GM Kosic Dragan 2521 MNE

GM Pavlovic Milos 2520 SRB

GM Drazic Sinisa 2513 SRB

GM Cabrilo Goran 2504 SRB

GM Lajthajm Borko 2502 SRB

GM Jeremic Veljko 2498 SRB

GM Antic Dejan 2495 SRB

GM Rajkovic Dusan 2486 SRB

IM Arsovic Zoran 2475 SRB

FM Roganovic Milos 2475 SRB

GM Martinovic Slobodan 2472 SRB

GM Todorovic Goran M 2471 SRB

IM Muratovic Alija 2471 SRB

IM Pap Misa 2469 SRB

IM Stojanovic Dalibor 2469 BIH

IM Zlatic Mihajlo 2468 SRB

FM Popov Sinisa S 2467 SRB

IM Marinkovic Ivan 2461 SRB

GM Lazic Miroljub 2454 SRB

GM Tosic Miroslav 2448 SRB

GM Vukic Milan 2448 BIH

IM Leskur Dejan 2440 SRB

IM Bozic Milan 2439 SRB

IM Perunovic Miodrag 2439 SRB

GM Kostic Vladimir G 2431 SRB

IM Arsovic Goran 2426 SRB

IM Bojkovic Natasa 2426 SRB

IM Maksimovic Branimir 2423 SRB

GM Ristic Nenad 2417 SRB

IM Nestorovic Nikola 2415 SRB

IM Velickovic Sasa 2415 SRB

IM Govedarica Radovan 2410 SRB

IM Vratonjic Slobo 2409 SRB

GM Raicevic Vladimir 2401 SRB

IM Certic Branimir 2398 SRB

GM Simic Radoslav 2387 SRB

IM Novoselski Zoran 2387 SRB

Radlovacki Jovan 2387 SRB

IM Andrijevic Milan 2384 SRB

IM Todorovic Jovan 2384 SRB

WGM Chelushkina Irina 2359 SRB

FM Asik Josip 2352 SRB

WIM Vojinovic Jovana 2331 MNE

Sarenac Ivan 2320 SRB

IM Pucovski Miroslav 2309 CRO

FM Kapelan Milorad 2307 SRB

WGM Benderac Ana 2304 SRB

FM Kostic Vladimir V 2296 SRB

WGM Maksimovic Suzana 2284 SRB

Rakic Marija 2284 SRB

FM Kostic Branimir 2283 SRB

Robulj Nenad 2272 SRB

FM Orlov Konstantin 2267 SRB

IM Orlov Pavle 2265 SRB

WIM Drljevic Ljilja 2244 MNE

FM Markovic Milovan 2239 SRB

FM Vlahovic Svetozar 2175 SRB

WIM Savic Marijana 2173 SRB

Stanic Aleksandar 2173 SRB

WIM Petrovic Marija 2172 SRB

WFM Stojanovic Marija R 2171 MNE

WFM Eric Jovana 2126 SRB

Lukovic Vladimir 2120 SRB

Kotrla Stefan 1934 SRB

Tomin Ksenija 1742 SRB

Milutinovic Stefana 1680 SRB

Uzelac Iva 1643 SRB

Title Count

GM – 30

WGM – 3

IM – 22

WIM – 4

FM – 9

WFM – 2

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