Youth and experience in the 2009 Thracian Princes chess championship

Open Women’s Bulgarian Chess Championship, 25-31.07.2009

SL Irina Chelushkina

Irina Chelushkina

Youth and experience will clash in the traditional Open Women’s Bulgarian Chess Championship Thracian Princess. The championship starts today in Vratsa with the participation of 4 WGMs, 4 WIMs, 4 WFMs, and many talented youngsters.

Top seeded of the competition is WGM Irina Chelushkina (Serbia, ELO 2357). Her main competition will come from the many times Bulgarian champion WGM Margarita Voiska (ELO 2332), the Serbian talent WGM Ana Benderac (ELO 2298), and the Moldovian player WIM Irina Bulmaga (ELO 2277). Experts in women chess in the region expect surprises from the young talents. Among hem is the reigning local champion WIM Elitsa Raeva and the commentators and frequent contributors WFM Iva Videnova and Milena Stefanova.

Scroll down for a full list of participants.

The online hames of the competition can be followed at the official site with live video from the playing hall as well.

Georgiev-Kesarovski Iva Videnova

Iva Videnova, a top chess talent and frequent contributor to Chessdom

dip raeva

Elitsa Raeva as national champion

Trakiiska princesa bulmaga

Irina Bulmaga at last year’s edition of Thracian Princess


Watch out for this youngster. This is Donika Shivacheva, a silver medalist from the U8 and U10 European championships

Belgrade Women Benderac

Ana Benderac is coming from Serbia for the title in Vratsa

Milena Stefanova 3

Milena Stefanova, always ready to bring a surprise

polufinali stefi bednikova

Stefi Bednikova is aiming at her next norm

WYCC simoneta

Simoneta Ivanova, many times junior champion at European open competitions

Darena Sirkova

Darena Sirkova, the top women talent from Cska Sofia


1 WGM Chelushkina Irina

2 WGM Voiska Margarita

3 WGM Benderac Ana

4 WIM Bulmaga Irina

5 WGM Maksimovic Suzana

6 WIM Yordanova Svetla

7 WIM Raeva Elitsa

8 WIM Dragomirescu Angela

9 WFM Sgircea Silvia-Raluca

10 WFM Videnova Iva

11 WFM Baciu Diana

12 WIM Chilingirova Pavlina

13 Bednikova Stefi

14 Vladimirova Maria

15 Sirkova Darena

16 Stefanova Milena

17 Boneva Zvezdelina

18 Krumova Ani

19 Bocheva Margarita

20 Kosturska Yoana

21 Dimitrova Aseniya

22 Ivanova Simoneta

23 Dragieva Denitza

24 Milutinovic Stefana

25 Bulmaga Elena

26 Shivacheva Donika

27 Avramova Maria

28 Chokova Galabina

29 Katova Teodora

30 Ristoski Teodora

31 Tsvetanova Sofiya

32 Valeva Ana

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