Topalov with a busy schedule

Vitoria, ETCC, and more

While waiting to hear the name of his opponent in the World Championship cycle next year, Veselin Topalov is not just sitting there doing nothing. After publishing his book about Elista, he will participate in several events in the next few months.

Vitoria Chess Championship

Veselin Topalov will participate in the Chess Championship in Vitoria together with Anatoly Karpov, Judith Polgar, Rustam Kasimdzhanov, and Alexander Khalifman. The slogan of the tournament is “let’s play for a better world” and the prize fund will be donated to a hospital in Congo.

The dates of the tournament are 1-15 November and the event is in memory of Jesus de la Fuente. The games will be played under a glass aquarium. Therefore, people can freely move and discuss the games without disturbing the players.

European Team Chess Championship

With this chess championship Veselin Topalov makes his return to the national team of Bulgaria. He will take board 1 in the competition. On board two we will see Ivan Cheparinov (winner of Sigeman & Co and second place in the NH Chess tournament). Third board will be the national coach of Bulgaria, GM Kiril Georgiev (Valjevo chess tournament and Acropolis participant). Fourth board will probably be for GM Alexander Delchev.

Official page of the ETCC and Chessdom ETCC coverage.

World Blindfold Chess Cup

Before the ETCC, Topalov will participate in the World Blindfold Chess Cup in Bilbao. His opponents will be Magnus Carlsen, Bu Xiangzhi, Harikrishna, and Judith Polgar.

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