Villarrobledo super tournament

a rapid event in Spain collects chess stars

Spain is famous for the series of chess tournaments during summers. They are a great opportunity for players to achieve norms and enjoy the nice weather at the same time. However, among the norm seeking events we can find one rapid super tournament. It is the Villarrobledo chess festival that start August 4. It collects 96 players from all over the world, 50 of them GMs or IMs. They will play for a prize fund of 18 000 eur at 25 mins control.

Impresive lineup

The lineup of Villarrobledo 2007 is impressive. It features current aspirant for #1, GM Vasily Ivanchuk, the ex world champions GM Veselin Topalov and Ruslan Ponomariaov, Valjevo participant Predrag Nikolic, Vladimir Malakhov, Vadim Milov, Alexei Shirov, Ivan Sokolov.

1 Topalov, Veselin (Bulgaria) GM 2769

2 Ivanchuk, Vassily (Ukraine) GM 2762

3 Shirov, Alexei (Spain) GM 2735

4 Ponomariov, Ruslan (Ukraine) GM 2706

5 Malakhov, Vladimir (Russia) GM 2676

6 Milov, Vadim (Switzerland) GM 2675

7 Landa, Konstantin (Russia) GM 2669

8 Sokolov, Ivan (Holland) GM 2666

9 Cheparinov, Ivan (Bulgaria) GM 2657

10 Nikolic, Predrag (BIH) GM 2646

11 Mchedlishvili, Mikheil (Georgia) GM 2624

12 Fedorchuk, Sergey A. (Ukraine) GM 2618

13 Dreev, Alexey (Russia) GM 2606

14 Delchev, Aleksander (Bulgaria) GM 2591

15 Kogan, Artur (Israel) GM 2569

16 Strikovic, Aleska (Serbia) GM 2567

17 Ljubojevic, Ljubomir (Serbia) GM 2550

18 Evdokimov, Alexander (Russia) GM 2544

19 Gofshtein, Zvulon (Israel) GM 2541

20 Ubilava, Elizbar (Spain) GM 2540

The total prize fund of the Villarrobledo is 18000 eur. The winner takes 3000 eur, prizes are given up to 25th place.

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